Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
U.S.-Ukraine Bilateral Security Agreement – United States Department of State

The U.S.-Ukraine Bilateral Security Agreement that Presidents Biden and Zelenskyy signed on the margins of the G7 Summit in Puglia, Italy today is a historic show of support for Ukraine’s long-term security that furthers commitments made under the G7 Joint Declaration of Support to Ukraine in July 2023 and the President’s approval of the Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act this spring.  Under this ten-year agreement, the United States and Ukraine commit to strengthening security and economic cooperation, furthering Ukraine’s institutional capacity building and reform progress, seeking accountability for Russia’s actions, and establishing the conditions for a just and lasting peace.

The United States intends to provide assistance, advice, and training to build Ukraine’s defense and security capabilities, advance the reforms necessary to light Ukraine’s path toward EU accession and NATO membership, and bolster Ukraine’s defense industrial base through co-production and joint ventures with U.S. industry.  The agreement furthers our goal of a secure, sovereign, and independent Ukraine that is integrated with the Euro-Atlantic community and militarily capable of defeating Russian aggression now and deterring it in the future.

The United States joins 15 partner countries which have already concluded bilateral agreements and arrangements with Ukraine under the Joint Declaration framework.  We are working with all 32 Joint Declaration signatories to establish a broad, mutually reinforcing, and powerful network of nations to safeguard Ukraine’s future.

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