Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
The United States Welcomes Establishment of Haiti’s Transitional Presidential Council

The United States welcomes today’s establishment of a Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) in Haiti.  The result of months of discussion among diverse Haitian stakeholders, this Council helps pave the way for free and fair elections and the expedited deployment of a Multinational Security Support mission.  We applaud Haitians for their commitment to move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and national dialogue.  We remain committed to working with CARICOM and international partners to support the TPC’s mission to work for and improve the lives of all Haitians.

The security situation in Haiti remains untenable due to the violence caused by gangs that claim to represent the Haitian people but thrive on violence and misery.  Gangs have shut down key infrastructure and economic sites that are lifelines for fuel, humanitarian aid, and other vital supplies, and continue to strip Haitians of their rights to food, education, and healthcare.  The United States is surging support for the Haitian security forces to bolster their capabilities as they fight to defend their country.

We commend Haitian leaders for making tough compromises to move toward democratic governance via free and fair elections.  Much work lies ahead, and the United States remains committed to supporting the people of Haiti.

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