Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Promotes Mental Well-Being in Construction Safety Week Campaign

During Construction Safety Week, recognized this year from May 6-10, the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) reinforced its commitment to exemplary construction safety practices.

OBO and its partners have consistently set high standards for international construction safety, emphasizing the importance of safety measures, sharing best practices, and reinforcing safety protocols on construction sites.

This year, OBO placed a special emphasis on the importance of mental well-being and suicide prevention by participating in the “Green Dot Campaign” developed by psychotherapist and Supervisory Social Worker within the Bureau of Medical Services Dr. Chantay White-Eley. Construction workers at diplomatic construction sites worldwide wore green stickers on their hard hats to signify their recognition of the importance of mental health to construction safety.

The Green Dot Campaign saw widespread adoption across OBO’s global construction projects, from Casablanca to Mexico City to Ashgabat. At the new U.S. Embassy Lilongwe, Abigail Callaway, MDW, LICSW Psychotherapist at the Bureau of Medical Services, spoke to 700 workers on the new embassy construction site, emphasizing the crucial role of mental health in the construction sector.

OBO’s participation in the Green Dot Campaign highlights its proactive approach in addressing safety concerns within its projects and the construction industry at large, reinforcing the Bureau’s leadership role in advocating for safe and secure construction practices internationally.

OBO provides the most effective facilities for United States diplomacy abroad. Since the start of the Department’s Capital Security Construction Program in 1999, OBO has completed 178 new diplomatic facilities and has more than 50 active projects in design or construction worldwide.

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