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Sweeping the Globe with New Awards from Turkey, Chile and India: Kevin Schewe’s ‘BAD LOVE TIGERS’ Surpasses a Remarkable 350 Total Wins!

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kevin Schewe’s Bad Love Tigers is taking the world by storm with 350+ international screenplay awards – recently adding Best Feature Script, Best Concept, and Best Original Screenplay in India, Best Outlier Film in Turkey, Best Movie Script in Chile, Best Feature Script and Screenplay in Sri Lanka, Best Short Script in Scotland, and Best Feature Script/Screenplay, Best Writer, and Best Concept in Singapore.

Schewe has no plans to stop anytime soon: “We are working feverishly to get this award-winning action-adventure, sci-fi screenplay to the big screen. This is one of four original stories creating the opportunity for a fresh and incredible franchise!”

The Bad Love Tigers screenplay is an international success, finding acclaim at film festivals in dozens of countries, including Cannes World Film Festival, Madrid Arthouse Film Festival, Rome International Movie Awards, New York International Film Awards, The Los Angeles Movie Awards, Vegas Movie Awards, The London Classic Film Festival, The Barcelona International Film Festival, Bridge Fest, Anatolia International Film Awards, Toronto Awards Film Festival, Annual American Filmatic Arts Awards, and many more.

Bad Love Tigers is about a misfit group of young adventurers, known as the Bad Love Gang, who come of age as they use a time-travel machine called the White Hole Project to travel back to the World War II era, meet with President Roosevelt and embark on a perilous secret mission to protect an alien spaceship and defeat the Japanese in combat. Keeping America’s most important and deepest national secret safe at Area-51 hinges on the success of their quest.

Schewe’s Bad Love Tigers is an action-adventure, sci-fi screenplay with great potential to attract an audience of all ages, young and old, back to the big screen. This incredible display of worldwide interest has proven that Bad Love Tigers is already a global phenomenon, crossing cultures and demonstrating its potential to be that feel-great-again, big-screen, tent-pole, blockbuster franchise.

About: Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO, is a board-certified cancer specialist who has been in the private practice of radiation oncology for 35 years. Visit Schewe on Instagram @realkevinschewe and and watch the book trailer hereBad Love Tigers is available on Amazon.

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