Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
The Minerals Security Partnership Welcomes New Deal in Minerals Offtake and Processing Between STL in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Umicore in Belgium

The United States, as Chair of the Minerals Security Partnership (MSP), and MSP partners welcome the new deal finalized between STL, a subsidiary of La Générale des Carrières et des Mines (Gécamines) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Belgian company Umicore that advances cooperation on germanium offtake and processing.

This collaboration among MSP partners and the private sector is a powerful demonstration of the MSP’s capacity to secure and diversify critical mineral supply chains, which bring economic benefits to local communities and source countries like the DRC. As noted by the leadership of Umicore and Gecamines, this deal will also support sustainable recycling and the circular economy, develop new technical skills and expertise in the DRC, and elevate Gecamines’ and the DRC’s role as an important player in the processing of critical minerals. 

This milestone agreement, forged through close collaboration with the 15 MSP partners, significantly increases the global supply of germanium, which is used in semiconductors, optical cables, solar cells, and more. The processed germanium will ultimately bolster supply chains to U.S., European, and Japanese markets.

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