Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Georgia “Transparency of Foreign Influence” Draft Law

We are gravely disappointed by the Georgian parliament’s decision to advance Kremlin-inspired “foreign influence” legislation.  As the EU has stated, passage of this law could compromise Georgia’s progress on its EU path.  We join our European allies in urging Georgia not to enact legislation that goes against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Georgian citizens — the desire to integrate fully into the EU.  Georgia has a vibrant civil society that serves its citizens and works to improve Georgia’s economy.  If adopted, the proposed legislation could limit freedom of expression, stigmatize organizations that deliver these benefits to the citizens of Georgia, and impede independent media organizations working to provide Georgians with access to high quality information.  Such Kremlin-inspired legislation is not appropriate if the goal is to promote transparency.  We urge all parties to protect the right of peaceful assembly.

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