Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Condemnation of the June 5 Attacks on Wad al-Noura, Sudan, by the Rapid Support Forces

The United States condemns the horrific attacks by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on unarmed civilians in Wad al-Noura in Sudan’s Gezira state, which included the murder of over 100 people and the injury of many more, according to credible reports. It is imperative that the RSF take immediate action to stop these attacks and demonstrate swift accountability for those responsible for the murder of civilians. Both the RSF and the Sudanese Armed Forces must ensure the protection of civilians and hold accountable anyone within their ranks who is responsible for war crimes or violations of the Jeddah Declaration.

Attacks on civilians throughout Sudan must stop now. There can be no military victory in this war, whose toll is being measured in the tragic loss of civilian lives, displacement of millions from their homes, acute malnourishment, rape and torture, and ethnic cleansing. The United States calls for the resumption of ceasefire negotiations, an immediate end to obstructions of humanitarian aid deliveries, and a return to civilian governance that the Sudanese people have long demanded.

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