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Assistant Secretary Satterfield Travels March 13-17 to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa

From March 13-17, 2023, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Lee Satterfield will travel to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. She will address nearly 500 alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative’s flagship program – the Mandela Washington Fellowship – representing countries from across sub-Saharan Africa; meet with U.S. exchange participants, and South African government officials and educational leaders; and discuss a variety of issues, ranging from United States-South African collaboration on higher education, including community colleges and technical schools, to cultural heritage protection and preservation.

The Assistant Secretary’s trip follows President Biden’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit announcement that he and other senior U.S. government representatives would visit Africa during 2023.The Assistant Secretary’s trip underscores the United States’ strong commitment to African countries and citizens, as well as its bilateral relationship with South Africa.

In addition to delivering closing remarks to the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Symposium, while in Johannesburg, Satterfield will meet with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, a past recipient of an Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) grant, as well as   alumni of exchanges to the United States. She will also meet with leaders from the National School of Government and participate in a local tour of Victoria Yards, a historically industrial area of Johannesburg that has been a focus of urban renewal. She will visit the Victoria Yards American Corner, part of the global network of nearly 600 American Spaces, U.S. government cultural and information venues abroad which provide free and open access for communities worldwide to learn about the United States.

In Cape Town, from March 16-17, Assistant Secretary Satterfield will visit the College of Cape Town, which currently hosts several Fulbright English Teaching Assistants; meet with alumnae of State Department entrepreneurship programs for women at their local businesses; and visit AFCP grantees at their cultural heritage sites. In addition, she will meet with IVLP, Humphrey, and MWF program alumni, as well as local women participating in a digital literacy class at the Cape Town American Corner.

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