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VALO Holdings Group CEO Jana Seaman and SurgeTrader Unite in Philanthropic Endeavor: The 2023 Gold Rush Rally
VALO Holdings Group and SurgeTrader continue to exemplify their commitment to community support and philanthropy during last month's Gold Rush Rally by handpicking a charitable organization to support at each rally leg.

VALO Holdings Group CEO Jana Seaman and SurgeTrader, renowned names in the investment and trading sectors, are thrilled to announce their joint participation in the highly anticipated 2023 Gold Rush Rally, last month. Spearheaded by their CEO, Jana Seaman, the companies supported a charitable organization at every stop of the rally, spanning various cities across the western United States. This collaborative effort underscores their unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility and their mission to create a positive impact in the communities they serve.

The Gold Rush Rally serves as an exceptional platform for VALO Holdings Group and SurgeTrader to showcase their dedication to philanthropy while reveling in the excitement of the rally. At each leg of the race, the companies met with a designated charitable organization to extend their support and make a generous donation. The following are the dates, and the respective organizations being supported:

VALO Holdings CEO Jana Seaman expressed her enthusiasm for the Gold Rush Rally and the opportunity to contribute to these deserving organizations. She stated, "We are thrilled to have been a part of the Gold Rush Rally and to support these incredible charitable organizations. We aim to make a lasting impact and inspire others to join us in giving back to our communities."

VALO Holdings and SurgeTrader's commitment to nine charitable organizations along the Gold Rush Rally route exemplifies their unwavering pledge to corporate social responsibility and their dedication to making a positive difference. By supporting these charitable organizations, they hope to inspire others to contribute to the well-being and empowerment of individuals in need.

About VALO Holdings Group: 

VALO Holdings Group is a leading global investment firm with a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning various industries. Committed to creating positive change, VALO Holdings Group focuses on strategic investments and philanthropic efforts that empower communities and drive innovation. More at https://www.valoholdings.com/ 

About SurgeTrader:

SurgeTrader, LLC is a US-based proprietary trading — or prop trading — firm, with a mission to accelerate trader funding and provide capital to profitable traders. Once traders have proven they can be profitable by passing an Audition, they become a part of the SurgeTrader-funded trader community, with access to an account funded with up to $10 million in buying power. For more information on SurgeTrader or how to become a funded trader, visit https://www.surgetrader.com


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