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Book Reviewers call it the “Best Father’s Day Gift” you can buy.

“Book reviewers have been recommending Moe Fields as the best Father’s Day gift in 2022.” ”

— Alice Sherman, Associate Director Pen Paper Press

MONROE TWP, NJ, USA, May 3, 2022 / —
Pen Paper Press (PPP) publishing has launched a YouTube channel to introduce readers to the 2021/2022 Reader Views’ National Literary Award Best Memoir – Moe Fields – the special bond between fathers and sons, by Stuart Z Goldstein from New Jersey.

“We’ve asked the author to read excerpts from this gripping narrative about fathers, family, faith and the legacy we give our children,” said Alice Sherman, Associate Director. “The story comes alive when Stu Goldstein gives his interpretation of characters and key moments in the book.”

“Book reviewers have been recommending Moe Fields as the best Father’s Day gift,” Sherman pointed out. “The truth is we all have our Moe Fields. And this treasure of a story reminds us of these enduring role models in our own lives.”

The YouTube channel now has six segments covering parts of the book:

-Bootleg Boxing with Rocco Rosetti – a fight Moe would not forget

-WWII the USS Catoctin attacked by German pilots

-Learning about work ethic with Dad and a toilet in Lodi, N.J.

-Did We Meet His Expectations? – Three Grown Sons Wonder Aloud

-What is a Father? – Zach’s son inspires him to write about Moe

Additional video segments will be added in the coming months. Also, two-hour long interviews via Zoom allow the author to share insights about writing the book and personal stories regarding the book’s main characters.

Moe Fields has been on Amazon’s best seller list 3-4 since its publication last summer. In addition, it has been endorsed in book reviews by Jewish World magazine (Calf.) and The Jewish Link newspaper (NJ, NY, CT).

According to PPP, the Moe Fields story is told in three parts. It begins with Murray Goldman, who becomes a boxer growing up in the hardscrabble neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn during the Depression to help financially support the family.

Later, he joins the Navy in WWII and heads to Europe aboard a ship used to plan the invasion of southern France and the Yalta conference. His unique skills as a plumber helped save the ship during a German air attack, and he builds a toilet for FDR who stayed onboard after the Yalta conference ended.

The second part of the story is about obstacles and success, starting a plumbing business in Paramus, northern New Jersey in the 1950s. When a brain tumor threatens his life and, later, a drunk driver causes a horrific car accident crippling his wife at 44, Murray digs deep to turn tragedy into triumph. His three sons struggle seeing their parents physical suffering and financial uncertainty, but they are encouraged by their father’s perseverance.

“Antisemitism and interracial relations are a recurring theme in this book. Perhaps because family members suffered antisemitism, they spurned bigots with racial prejudices. Before he married, Murray had an African American lover. So did Zach (Murray’s son). The Goldmans thought for themselves, made their own decisions regardless of social pressures,” said Don Harrison, Editor of Jewish World magazine.

The last third of the book tells the story of Murray’s sons. The story asks the most basic questions about what it means to be a father? Why are they important? Zach, the middle son, marries the daughter of Holocaust survivors. This story arc binds the entire family to these survivors and their extended family in Israel.

Charlene Wheeless, a nationally recognized best-selling author commented, “Every now and then, if we ‘re lucky, we read a book that stays with us long after we’ve finished it. Moe Fields is that book. This is a story about the heroes in our lives. Those who guide us and those who inspire us.”

“The bloody image of the boxer at the beginning of this story during the Depression sets the stage in defining the main character: his inner grit and unwillingness to retreat, his physicality, his lone wolf instincts and his selfless devotion to the family he loves. Across five decades, there are so many stories about Moe’s determination to survive; to fight back and overcome…some are funny, some sad, but this is a story meant to inspire.”

Reader Views, a well-regarded book review company, sponsors an Annual Literary Awards competition for indie published authors worldwide. “Each year, millions of books are published,” said Sheri Hoyte, managing editor of Reader Views, “we’re pleased through our literary awards to recognize authors and a diverse range of high-quality writing. These folks truly deserve being singled out. Our goal is to help them reach new readers.”

“If you haven’t read Moe Fields, I highly recommend you pick up a copy,” added Sheri Hoyte at Reader Views. This was easily one of my favorites this year! Moe Fields is a touching tribute to fathers and family. Stuart Z Goldstein is a master storyteller.”

Other authors recognized with literary awards in memoirs/autobiography were: Silver Award: Midnight Flight To Nuremberg, Marcus A. Nannini, Air World; Silver Award: White Picket Monsters, Bev Moore Davis, Morvis Group Inc.; Bronze Award: Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay, Blake Priddle, Tellwell Talent; Bronze Award: Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops, Allison Hong Merrill, She Writes Press; Bronze Award: Nonni in America, Jon Svensson, Chaos To Order Publishing; and Bronze Award: Walking in the Shadow of Footsteps, Roynell Young, Elite Online Publishing

BIO-Author Stuart Z Goldstein, 71, grew up in Paramus NJ. Goldstein, a former Spokesperson for the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) was one of the longest-serving financial PR leaders on Wall Street. He served three successive CEOs as managing director of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at DTCC in New York, the primary trade clearinghouse for equities and bonds in the U.S. ($5 trillion daily) and the largest central securities depository in the world (holding $37 trillion in assets).

Pen Paper Press is a small indie publisher based in New Jersey. PPP will send print copies for publications who will consider writing book reviews.

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