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EDMOND, OK, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 / — EDMOND, OKLA., May 11, 2022 – Solar Power of Oklahoma announced its Go Solar OKC initiative today, a campaign aimed at making solar power generation systems more accessible to homeowners. Available through Sept. 30, the program seeks to install 100 residential systems in 100 days to further the use of solar power in Oklahoma City.

“We want homeowners to join the solar movement, especially as they look for ways to save. Utility rate hikes and inflation continue to affect household budgets, but consumers can make another choice. Installing solar replaces the cost of a monthly electric bill at a fixed, predictable rate,” said J.W. Peters, president of Solar Power of Oklahoma. “The average homeowner will save 12 to 15% off their system through the Go Solar OKC program. With federal tax credits available through 2022, the campaign period is an ideal time to invest in a sustainable alternative to traditional energy.”

Solar generation systems provide a long-term investment for homeowners and commercial property owners, with significant savings on utility bills. On average, houses with solar power increase their residential property value by at least $15,000.

“Our solar panels are warrantied for 30 years, resulting in an average lifetime savings of more than $62,000, which contributes to return on investment as the systems pay for themselves,” said Peters. “We have installed more than 1,800 systems, with skilled in-house installation crews to streamline the installation process and deliver the outstanding service our company has come to be known for throughout the state.”

Interest in solar has steadily increased, with more electric vehicle owners seeking low-cost charging options and concerns over traditional utility rate hikes driving demand. Solar Power of Oklahoma reported a 275% increase in system installations in 2021, with projections for additional increases in 2022. The company’s Edmond showroom will open later this month, with an additional facility in Tulsa and more than a dozen new full-time positions added.

Founded in 2017, Solar Power of Oklahoma is fully-owned and operated in Oklahoma. The company’s solar advisors work with home and business owners to custom design solar systems, which are then installed by SPO installers. Learn more at


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