Tue. May 17th, 2022

Rewarded TV Launches in Alpha, Demonstrating How Blockchain Enables Real-Time Video Consumption and Payment

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, May 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — ​​Replay, the blockchain video tracking & payments platform powering the web3 content economy, today announces the alpha launch of Rewarded TV. Rewarded TV is a blockchain-enabled OTT streaming service enabling viewers to earn crypto in real-time for watching, sharing and engaging with their favorite content, without ads or subscriptions.

Rewarded TV is the first streaming service adopting the Replay tracking protocol, serving as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate to content owners and film distributors how blockchain video consumption tracking enables new means of revenue generation. Theta blockchain, viewers can today sign-up for free and enjoy premium VOD and Live TV content.

Premium movies & TV shows for Rewarded TV will be provided by leading distributors and content owners including World Poker Tour, VideoElephant, Monarch Films, Shoreline Entertainment and FilmHub. After an initial alpha launch Rewarded TV, viewers will be able to:

Earn RPLAY, a TNT-20 Theta token, for watching, sharing and engaging with their favorite content

Purchase NFTs which evolve in real time to unlock exclusive token-gated content

Participate in Watch Parties and enjoy live chat with friends

“We’re so excited to take this first step in unlocking new opportunities for video revenue in web3,” said Krish Arvapally, CEO of Replay. “With real-time crypto payouts enabled by Replay and p2p video hosting on the Theta Network, Rewarded TV will be the first streaming service built on the blockchain from end-to-end.”

Rewarded TV is the first of several video distribution partners powered by Replay being announced in the coming months, and is available today in alpha at watch.rewarded.tv.

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