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This patent covers methods that can interpret the real world, reduce it into numerical formats the AGI can understand, and use it to plan, predict and dream, communicating it all in human language”

— Brent Oster, CEO ORBAI

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 10, 2022 / — ORBAI, a Silicon Valley startup company filed a patent on Jan 13, 2022 claiming methods for Artificial General Intelligence that can be brought to fruition this decade in a globe-spanning superintelligence. (US Patent #17/575602 “Processes and Methods for Enabling Artificial General Intelligence Capable of Flexible Calculation, Prediction, Planning and Problem Solving with Arbitrary and Unstructured Data Inputs and Outputs”).

ORBAI is developing Artificial General Intelligence that will enable more advanced AI applications with conversational speech, human-like cognition, planning, and interaction with the real world, learning all of them in deployment, without supervision. It will first find use in smart devices, homes, and robotics, then in online professional services with the AGI at the core powering them.

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What the world actually has for AI today is much simpler and much more narrow Deep Learning (DL), that can only do some very specific tasks better than people but has fundamental limitations that will not allow it to become Artificial General Intelligence, which is what we usually think of as AI, when we see human-like robots and holograms in our fiction, talking and acting like real people and having human-level or even superhuman intelligence and capabilities. AGI does NOT exist anywhere on earth yet.

ORBAI’s patented artificial general intelligence (AGI) design is much more flexible and powerful than today’s deep learning, being able to do many of the things that human intelligence does – to take in varied sensory inputs and encode them into a usable internal format so it can understand the relationships between them and how they evolve in time – to build a model of its world that it can use to predict and plan just like a human can, including using speech to describe the concepts it has learned and carry on an interactive conversation with a person.

This AGI, like humans, can use these cognitive skills to do many different jobs, from as simple as a concierge, to a financial advisor / broker, legal AI, and to even augment doctors. When later upgraded with a larger memory and more processing power on a supercomputer, such AGI can exceed human capability in specific aspects of these professions, and in a decade exceed all humans’ general capability overall.

Full AGI patent links and videos here: ORBAI AGI Website

The business model is to license the development tools and a developer toolkit to our customers and 3rd party developers that work with them to integrate our AGI into different verticals. The AGI will be delivered to the customer as AI as a service (AIaaS), enabling our developer network to connect to it for services provided through the AGI and for the client platforms supported by it.

This prescient AGI core, with powerful predictive capability, will completely revolutionize planning in finance, medicine, law, administration, agriculture, enterprise, industrial controls, traffic monitoring and control, network management,… and almost any field of human endeavor where we need to predict future trends to make decisions in the present.

ORBAI is a California-based startup developing artificial general intelligence to power smart devices and intelligent online professional services ( On Sept 30, ORBAI launched a $1M StartEngine RegCF investment round to fund the development of the core AGI technology that will be a platform licensed to companies doing devices and AI professional services.

ORBAI’s long-term vision is to scale the AGI globally and bring services in medicine, finance, law, and other professional services, to the entire world and provide unparalleled prosperity, health, justice, security, education, and for the first time in human history, bring real hope to all.

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