Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

I join President Biden in recognizing the somber one-year anniversary of the cross-border terrorist attack against the UAE, which tragically killed and wounded civilians. We strongly condemn these attacks.  As I have reaffirmed in my engagements with Emirati President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed, the United States remains resolutely committed to helping the UAE defend its territory and people – as well as the tens of thousands of U.S. citizens living and working in the UAE – including from threats emanating from Yemen.  We also remain committed to our collective diplomatic efforts toward a sustainable end to the war in Yemen, which would bring greater security and stability to the people of Yemen and the broader region.

As we remember those killed and wounded one year ago, the United States reaffirms the enduring strength of the U.S.-UAE partnership and the very real potential it holds for greater security, prosperity, and opportunity for both of our peoples.

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