Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
On the Conviction and Sentencing of Vietnamese NGO Leader Hoang Thi Minh Hong

The United States is deeply concerned by the conviction and sentencing of prominent environmental activist and NGO leader Hoang Thi Minh Hong to three years’ imprisonment.

We reiterate our call on Vietnam to release all those unjustly detained and to respect the right to freedoms of expression and association for all persons in Vietnam.  We call on the Vietnamese government to ensure its tax law is enforced in a transparent, impartial manner that ensures nongovernmental organizations can operate without fear of undue targeting or prosecution.  We further urge Vietnam to ensure its actions are consistent with the human rights provisions of Vietnam’s constitution and its international commitments, including to consult with non-government stakeholders as part of the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP).

NGO leaders like Hoang Thi Minh Hong play a vital role in tackling global challenges, proposing sustainable solutions in the global fight against the climate crisis, and combating wildlife and timber trafficking.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/on-the-conviction-and-sentencing-of-vietnamese-ngo-leader-hoang-thi-minh-hong/

originally published at Politics - JISIP NEWS