Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Imposing Sanctions on Entities and Vessels Trading in Iranian Petroleum or Petrochemical Products

Over the past month, Iran has announced steps to further expand its nuclear program in ways that have no credible peaceful purpose.  Iran’s actions to increase its enrichment capacity are all the more concerning in light of Iran’s continued failure to cooperate with the IAEA and statements by Iranian officials suggesting potential changes to Iran’s nuclear doctrine.

In response to these continued nuclear escalations, the United States is today taking action against entities and vessels involved in the Iranian petroleum and petrochemical trade.  The Department of State is imposing sanctions on three entities involved in the transport of Iranian petroleum and petrochemical products and identifying 11 vessels associated with these entities as blocked property.

We remain committed to never letting Iran obtain a nuclear weapon, and we are prepared to use all elements of national power to ensure that outcome.  As President Biden and the other leaders of the G7 stated earlier this month, Iran must cease its escalations with regard to its nuclear program as well as its other destabilizing actions.

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