Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
Aruba National Day – United States Department of State

On behalf of the United States of America, I send best wishes to the people of Aruba on your celebration of the 37th anniversary of your National Anthem and Flag Day.

The United States is committed to its long-standing and enduring partnership with Aruba.  We are proud of our work together to weaken transnational criminal networks, combat illicit activities, and support a safe, secure, and prosperous Caribbean region.  Building strong educational and cultural ties between our two nations is a shared priority, symbolized by our EducationUSA advising center and buttressed by the friendships built through generations of two-way tourism and common values.  We are committed to working together with Aruba to confront the climate crisis and look forward to collaborating through both public and private engagement to meet Aruba’s bold renewable energy goals.

In recognition of Aruba’s National Anthem and Flag Day, the United States hopes for a happy and prosperous year to come for all Arubans.

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