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OvaCue Wireless Fertility Monitor

American Pregnancy Association

OvaCue Predicts Ovulation 5-7 Days in Advance

BELLINGHAM, WA, USA, April 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The American Pregnancy Association, the pregnancy education partner women have trusted for over 25 years is announcing its endorsement Fairhaven Health’s OvaCue Wireless Fertility Monitor, a fertility tracker that accurately predicts ovulation up to seven days in advance.

“Even when conditions are ideal, couples have only a 25 percent chance of conceiving a baby each month,” says Lynn Handley, President of the American Pregnancy Association. “We recommend the OvaCue Wireless Fertility Monitor because it shows a woman more precisely the time of the month when she is fertile and most likely to conceive. We also like that it is easy and economical to use.”

Fairhaven Health, a market leader in fertility and women’s health products, is releasing a new generation of its popular OvaCue Fertility Monitor to deliver an improved user experience. Unlike costly, tedious urine-based tests, OvaCue Wireless’ two reusable sensors take readings in seconds and transmit the data via Bluetooth to the free companion app, OvaGraph. The app instantly measures electrolytes that correspond to reproductive hormone levels and predicts ovulation 5-7 days in advance. This advanced notice helps couples plan ahead much further than the 24-48 hours predicted by luteinizing hormone tests, or the after-the-fact notice provided by basal body temperature tracking.

“We are excited to have the American Pregnancy Association’s endorsement of the OvaCue Wireless,” says Suzanne Munson, Vice President of Product Development at Fairhaven Health. “We want to encourage women who are trying to conceive, or simply want to better understand their cycles to experience the benefits of this great technology. Our knowledgeable support staff and the vibrant community of OvaCue users are also available to provide advice and support.”

There are no recurring costs for test sticks or subscription fees for OvaCue Wireless users. This exceptional value also comes with personalized support from product specialists available by email or phone, as well as no-cost access to moderated community forums where they can connect with others who are on similar journeys.

“First, I need to say that the OvaCue Support Staff are amazing! Secondly, the product is pretty close to perfect. I love how it was such a seamless and intuitive integration with the app. The sensors are quality and my favorite thing is how discrete/compact it is. I have been able to travel with it with no issues. To have a wireless fertility monitor that is so convenient and mobile is a great asset.,” said Jocelyn, an OvaCue Wireless user. “Finally, the OvaGraph App has been what has made it all clear, providing a picture of what is happening each cycle and the magic is in the prediction of the upcoming fertile days, appearing on your chart ahead of time. Would highly recommend to anyone trying to conceive or those who desire to learn more about their cycles.”

● Predicts ovulation up to 7 days in advance
● Works for women with irregular cycles and PCOS
● No recurring purchases or subscriptions necessary
● Testing takes only a few seconds each day
● Syncs seamlessly with OvaGraph, the free companion app to OvaCue and the official charting tool of Toni Weschler’s best-selling book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility
● Friendly and knowledgeable customer service and support
● Access to a vibrant and caring community of women via moderated forums in the OvaGraph app
● Note: OvaCue is not intended to be used for contraception. The OvaCue Wireless Fertility Monitor is $229 and includes free expedited shipping. The FDA-cleared device is available at fairhavenhealth.com.

The American Pregnancy Association (APA) is a national non-profit health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, advocacy and community awareness. Founded in 1995, APA currently serves more five million women and families a month from over 70 countries through their website, online chat and toll-free education helpline.

Since 2003, Fairhaven Health has been a leading brand of science-based products for trying to conceive couples, including their FH PRO line of fertility supplements and BabyDance Fertility Lubricant, the first ever sperm-friendly lubricant made without parabens. FH PRO for Men and Women are comprehensive, antioxidant-based, and clinically-studied fertility supplements. FH PRO for Men was shown in a clinical study to improve progressive motility by 102%, sperm count by 38% and reduced DNA fragmentation by 17%. Once pregnancy is achieved, they provide a variety of prenatal supplements and their award-winning Milkies nursing products to help new moms meet their breastfeeding goals. Most recently, they have launched their Vaginal Care & Comfort line of paraben-free, isotonic gels to support vaginal health through all life stages. Fairhaven Health is an ISO-13485 certified company with all products manufactured in N. America in GMP-certified facilities, quality and support you can count on.

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