Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
Actions to Impose Visa Restrictions on Haitians Involved in Street Gangs and Other Haitian Criminal Organizations

Today, the United States announces additional steps taken to support the people of Haiti by continuing to promote accountability for individuals who foment violence, corruption, and instability.  The United States remains deeply concerned by the ongoing lawlessness associated with armed gangs. We condemn in the strongest terms the violent gang activity that led to the death of 14 members of the Haitian National Police in January.

The State Department has designated an additional five individuals and seven family members as subject to visa restrictions under section 212(a)(3)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  This policy impacts Haitian officials and other individuals involved in the operation of street gangs and criminal organizations that have threatened the livelihoods of the Haitian people and are blocking life-saving humanitarian support. This action sends a clear message of our continued commitment to root out corruption and impact the behavior of bad actors whose influence underpins the lawlessness in Haiti.  This will bring the number of individuals identified as subject to visa restrictions under this policy to 44 since the policy was first announced on October 13, 2022.

The Department continues to identify individuals and their immediate family members who may be subject to visa restrictions under this policy.  Our actions today demonstrate that there are consequences for those instigating violence and unrest in the country.   In addition to these additional 212(a)(3)(C) designations, the Department has also designated three Haitian officials, including Joseph Lambert and Rommel Bell, under Section 7031(c), another visa restriction authority.  Finally, in November and December 2022, the United States designated four Haitian individuals—Joseph Lambert, Youri LaTortue, Rony Celestin, and Herve Fourcand — under Executive Order 14059, which includes both financial sanctions and visa restrictions.

We continue to support the citizens, organizations, and public servants in Haiti who are committed to generating hope and opportunity for a better future in their nation.

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