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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 / — Fabien Bouchard, a French artist based in the south of France and working under the pseudonym Parse/Error, is set to launch the Mind Maze art collection on the Art Blocks platform on April 25th, where it will be possible to purchase a unique and exclusive work by the artist. Mind Maze is an NFT project, a generative art token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

The artist focuses on the interaction between human and nature in a world invaded by the digital and the new ways of communication. With a scientific and IT background, he’s using new technologies and science to look into modern issues in various ways in the creative universe.

“I have always been captivated by the complex movements of nature, whether waves, flocks of birds, schools of fish, or even the wind in the tall grass. What fascinates me is the way a multitude of independent, autonomous, different elements can come together to form a whole, a new coherent and poetic entity, ” says Parse/Error.

Parse/Error’s work is characterized by being a generative art, which is, in other words, digital art that is from an autonomous system, generated exclusively by the moment of the purchase. His new collection will be launched on the Art Blocks platform, where it will be possible to purchase a unique and exclusive work by the artist. When selected, artists submit their code and determine the number of edits produced from it. Until a buyer acquires the art, they will have only a notion of the style of the work through works already produced by the artist. The final result of the work is only generated after the purchase, which makes the experience even more exciting and the works unique.

About Mind Maze

Mind Maze is a contemplative and meditative experience, a wandering above an ever changing labyrinth, a cryptic message scrolling endlessly. Mind Maze explores the relationship between mindset and worldview, drawing parallels between communication and mental health today. With strong references to the labyrinth metaphor, borders, cities, and calligraphy, Mind Maze plays with shapes, color, and movement to create an infinite space reflecting our need to explore and find answers, but also the endless expanse of our doubts and the barriers constituted by our language and our cultural constructions.

About Fabien Bouchard

While seeking to recreate emotions from increasingly ubiquitous data flows and questioning our relationship with new technologies, Parse/Error oscillates at the interface between technology and human sensitivity. His artistic practice widely incorporates digital and generative art, 3D printing, connected objects, wood, painting, electronics, light, immersive installations, and real-time data. Today, his work can be divided into three main facets: digital creations (real-time, generative or rendered), tangible creations (connected or stand-alone), and immersive installations.

In the last years, his work has received very positive feedback from various publications (Usbek & Rica, L’ADN, Hypebeast, DesignBoom, Mashable, Inhabitat, Journal du Design, etc.). It has been exhibited in Paris, Marseille, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Berlin, Hamburg, Manchester, Tokyo, and New-York.

The art will be on sale from 0.4 to 0.08 Ethereum via a Dutch auction mechanism.

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