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Pictures Demonstrate the Flow of Goods in Closed Loop Box Reuse Better Than Words

Boxes can be collapsed, returned for reuse and reconstructed all without tape

Flattened boxes with latches attached ready to be returned for reuse

custom built boxes labeled with do not destroy and return to the vendor sends positive image

Custom designed reusable box to transport aircraft parts

Reusable latches and clips allow reuse of boxes without tape in supply chain closed loops

It’s not easy to envision, invent and produce something this simple that works this well.”

— Jim Niemiec, Co-Owner, Imperial Tool & Plastics, Greendale, WI

PEWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, USA, April 6, 2022 / — Graphic images are worth a thousand words.

As the world continues to deal with the ravages of “Climate Change,” behaviors to assist with these changes are growing. With that in mind, the Wikipedia images illustrating the application of closed loop box reuse in supply chain logistics have changed. Box Latch™ Products made by Eco Latch Systems, LLC in Pewaukee, WI is encouraging people to see how this environmentally friendly transportation circle can work in their businesses.

The Box Latch™ is a device that closes box flaps and allows reopening them without damage caused by tape, glue, or staples. Boxes closed with these latches can be reused 10-25 times in inventory management, manufacturing, distribution centers, assembly cells, work in process and anywhere there is a Closed Loop. Latches can be used indefinitely.

With the soaring costs for cardboard, there has never been a better time to employ innovation that focuses on reuse of boxes and cartons rather than costly recycling. Side effects include eliminating or reducing the need for tape, tape guns, compactors and box cutters. Rewards include saving time, money and the environment coupled with employee respect and satisfaction.

A second product line, i.e., a flap fastener called the Clip & Stack, hold flaps open, down and out of the way while allowing for easy transport and stacking of full or empty boxes. Replacing plastic totes that store only air when empty with collapsible, reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes saves the cost of expensive floor and racking space. Best of all, this unique device allows boxes and cartons to be stacked and stored open or transported on carts while remaining open.

This family of unique, Green, sustainable products can be ordered directly from the Box Latch™ shopping cart at

To obtain a copy of the company’s proprietary Box Latch™ Savings and ROI Calculator and estimate your potential savings from up to ten different ways, contact [email protected]. +1 570.359.2580 or text +1 215-313-8972.

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See How Closed Loop Box Reuse Works In Supply Chain Logistics

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