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Hugh Simpson, a long time serial entrepreneur and lover of the hot exterior and interior design in the Minimalistic style decided to create this FREE magazine.

Less Is More”

— Ludwig Miles van der Rohe

FRANKLIN , NORTH CAROLINA , USA , April 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — What does a 76 years youngster serial entrepreneur do for an encore?

He starts an online magazine!

Does he have any experience with starting a magazine?

Actually Hugh Simpson does know what it is like to start a magazine!

“I was involved with a friend who started a PRINT magazine in the mid 1990s during the ANGEL craze,” says Simpson. “It was entitled appropriately Angel Times and I was involved in helping from the beginning. I am a former Post Newsweek investigative reporter from the late 1960s and had the pleasure of interviewing and writing the main article of the first issue. It was with the executive producer of the one of the first angel TV shows on NBC. He said they even experienced their own angel events.”

So what was the top event for Angel Times and the team?

“One afternoon the founder of the magazine got a call from one of the producers of her favorite show – Touch By An Angel,” continues Simpson. “He had seen one of the many interviews she had done and wanted to feature the angels sitting in the waiting room for their next assignment reading Angel Times. Needless to say she and I were on Cloud 9 and we made a mad dash to the Atlanta Airport Post Office to overnight several of the issues of the magazine as they were shooting the waiting room scene the next morning! The magazines arrived in time and we saw our magazine featured on one of the top rated shows at the time!”

So will Simpson’s creation ClassZMinimalism™ also have such success?

“I don’t know if it will be featured on a top rated show but I do know it will hopefully fulfill my vision for the magazine: “To create a FUN FILLED and PARTICIPATIVE online magazine about good quality exterior and interior design featuring ClassZMinimalism™.”

So how did the name “ClassZMinimalism™” come about?

“I have a Masters Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Illinois and copywriting along with consumer psychology were my stronger areas,” remembers Simpson. “The URL ClassyMinimalism was taken when I was looking. I have always liked a play on words so I thought that using the next letter after Y would be cool and even sound correct. Therefore ClassZMinimalism™.”

“I have been a minimalist long before it became popular as in my previous career I have spent 22 years teaching Preparedness and Survival Skills,” explains Simpson.” This is all about being quickly mobile and carrying only the bare necessities for surviving. I also hate clutter and crave simple orderliness. When I move to a sailboat next year I will only be able to bring what can fill THREE suitcases! “

Also Simpson is a long time lover of DOMES having studied with the right hand man to the legendary Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, who was the Chief Evangelist of the geodesic dome.

“I actually was scheduled to start manufacturing my Raptor Domes Kits™ and then along came Covid and more recently my pulmonary embolism,” says Simpson. “ClassZMinimalism™ lends itself nicely to the simplicity and open floor plan of my kits.”

Simpson is offering his latest ebook ClassZMinimalism™ free to the first 2,000 subscribers and will also offer the magazine free for at least a year.

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