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Spice Ditti take photos and donate to charity for Autism Awareness month!

Spice Ditti Takes Autism Awareness Photo

We all should be aware of Autism!

spice Ditti Takes Autism Awareness Photo

Proud to be an Advocate of Autism!

The Spice Network is Proud to be Recognized as an Advocate for Autism and Hidden Gems by Knoxville Voyager Magazine TSN earned this distinction!

Sometimes it’s harder to learn the way we teach, So we must teach in a way anyone can learn.”

— Spice Ditti

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, US, April 8, 2022 / — The Spice Network is off to a good start this year, and they are proud to announce that they’re advocates of autism! The Spice Network was recognized and interviewed as Hidden Gems by The Knoxville Voyager Magazine. We are not only advocates of autism. We’re mother and father of daughter Kayla Turner who has autism. She is special and unique, so we strive to bring awareness and acceptance of autism. Many of the children born today are born with developmental issues, and we feel that we can help others learn how to cope and deal with children with autism. We’ve donated to several Autism Organizations and try to attend many charity events as we can.

Kayla has taught us more than we could imagine. Autism does not stop her learning ability as she gets more brilliant day by day. Kayla helped us understand that it would all be okay when our son Donald Turner was born early. Donald is doing great and is on the right track. The Spice Network are proud autism affiliates working to increase public awareness about people’s day-to-day issues across the spectrum, advocate for appropriate services for individuals of every age, and provide the latest information regarding treatment, education, research, and advocacy.

We are proud to announce that 10 percent of our earnings from The Spice Network Clothing will go to the Top Autism Organizations. April used to be known as Autism Awareness Month. But in 2021, the designation changed to Autism Acceptance Month. “Awareness is knowing that somebody has autism and not making fun of them for their condition.

“Acceptance is when you include (a person with autism) in your activities. Help (them) to develop in that community and get that sense of connection to other people.” We hope to help people understand and give knowledge about the condition, which is still important about 1 in 44 U.S. children identified with it. Saturday, April 2, is known as World Autism Awareness Day. I hope everyone will learn more about autism to improve early diagnosis, to learn more about the experiences of autistic people from autistic people, and build more welcoming and inclusive communities to support people with autism.”

Mrs. Taneka Turner
The Spice Network LLC
[email protected]

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