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end of life football boots that usually head to landfill

Jake Hardy Founder of Sokito

Jake Hardy, Founder, Sokito

Sokito research reveals huge number of football boots head to landfill

Sokito research reveals huge number of football boots head to landfill

Football boot recycling scheme launched by UK startup Sokito to develop circular initiative to divert boots from landfill and create new materials.

Our mission is to develop a circular solution for football boots. We want to kick them out of landfill and into a cycle of reuse.”

— Jake Hardy, Founder of Sokito

NOTTINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM, June 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Football boot brand Sokito has announced a new scheme to recycle and repurpose end of life football boots. Sokito has partnered with apparel recycling specialist, ESO RECYCLING, to trial newly developed machinery that has the potential to comprehensively break down football boots into materials that can be repurposed.

Jake Hardy, Founder of Sokito, commented, “Our mission is to develop a circular solution for football boots. We want to kick them out of landfill and into a cycle of reuse. Today’s boots are packed with a wide variety of materials in a very small surface area, so it has been a challenge for recycling specialists globally to successfully separate these materials into something that can be reused.”

It’s estimated that there are well over 50 different materials in use by football boot manufacturers today with new additions and technologies being introduced frequently, adding to the complexities faced by footwear recycling plants. The pilot programme will incorporate boots of all types, sizes and brands to test the viability of the machinery developed by the Italy based recycling specialists.

Nicolas Meletiou, Managing Director, ESO RECYCLING, noted, “Our team has developed a new process and technology that has the potential to break down, separate and sort the different materials associated with football boots. The project is a continuation of our objective to recycle and upcycle products such as shoes and tennis balls to fuel a circular economy.”

Sokito, a Nottingham based company, has committed to taking a sustainably minded approach to the pilot scheme. The outreach programme will source end-of-life boots from local football clubs and schools to keep the carbon and environmental impact of the scheme to a minimum.

Sokito is also in discussion with a number of football boot charities and community led organisations to set up reciprocal partnerships. Where possible, boots donated to the pilot scheme that are still usable will be sent on to partners that supply community boot donation projects, with any end-of-life boots redirected to the Sokito recycling scheme.

Football Boot Statistics
The global football boot market has been valued at $5,612,902,225. (Euromonitor Report 2015)

In 2021, the global sports footwear market generated a revenue of around 48.2 billion U.S. dollars. The Statista Consumer Market Outlook estimates that revenue will continue to increase and by 2025 reach around 76.9 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue. (Statista)

It’s estimated that consumers in the US and Europe throw out 12.5 million pairs of football boots annually. (Sokito Research)

About Sokito
We are Sokito and our passion is football. Watching, playing and supporting. We’re also big on people and the environment. The Sokito team wants to tackle football’s environmental impact head on and bring about positive change for players and fans. Football boots should make their impact on the pitch, not the planet. Sokito.com | @officialsokito

ESO RECYCLING Società Benefit Arl is a start-up company that recycles solid urban waste, specialising in end-of-life footwear, sports equipment and workwear. The company is the brainchild of Nicolas Meletiou, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in collecting and recycling office waste. Established in 2018, ESO RECYCLING offers an integrated and innovative approach to the collection and transformation of waste to create a second life for raw materials and finished products. The company’s ambition is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and support circular solutions. ESO Società Benefit arl click here

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