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Map of countries that have joined Healing Trees

People planting trees in Brazil in memory of the victims of covid 19

Planting activity in Brazil in memory of the victims of covid 19

People planting trees in Costa Rica in memory of the victims of covid 19

Planting activity in Costa Rica in memory of victims of covid 19

Healing Trees was born in Costa Rica with the objective of honoring the lives lost by COVID 19, today it has planting commitments in more than 30 countries

The pain that came with it is unlike anything I’ve ever felt… I was thrilled with the possibility of honoring our loved ones with an action focused on life.”

— Karolina Bergamo

COSTA RICA, April 6, 2022 / — Healing Trees reached 2.8 million tree planting commitments worldwide to honor the loved ones we have lost to COVID 19.

What was born as an ambitious dream of the San Ramon Carbon Neutral Foundation in Costa Rica, today sees the solidarity response of individuals and organizations around the world.

More than 30 countries around the world, in addition to Costa Rica, have decided to join this global movement to send a message of hope to a grieving society, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, United States, Singapore, Lebanon, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya and New Zealand.

This May 4 and 5, the official Healing Trees planting days, the world will come together to grow life in this memorial for all the people the pandemic forced us to say goodbye to.

Karolina Bergamo is a 29-year-old Brazilian journalist who decided to share her testimony of grief. One rainy day in April, Karolina was watching TV and the phone started ringing. The hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, reached her to tell her what she feared most: the health condition of her father, who had been hospitalized in an ICU for COVID 19 for 18 days, had worsened.

It has been a year since she said goodbye to her father, 66-year-old João Carlos Bergamo. “The pain that came with it is unlike anything I’ve ever felt,” Karolina recounts.

She decided to join Healing Trees and plant a tree in memory of her father, but also in honor of all the loved ones Brazil and the world have lost to this pandemic.

That is the essence of this global movement, which was born to honor the friend, family member or co-worker who passed away from COVID 19, but also to plant life as a symbol of hope for all people and families going through grief processes around the world.

“When I heard about Healing Trees for the first time, I was thrilled with the possibility of honoring our loved ones with an action focused on life. In addition to honoring the memory of our loved ones, we are also fighting the climate emergency, the greatest challenge for ours and future generations,” Karolina explained.

Healing Trees goes beyond a two-day planting, it also calls for climate action where we can give back to the planet at least a little of how much it gives us.
The ability of trees to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) makes them a valuable tool in the fight against rising temperatures. A tree stores carbon as it grows, the more it grows, the more absorption power it has and the more CO2 it can remove from the atmosphere.

That is why Healing Trees asks for a commitment to plant them, but also to take care of them for at least the first three years of their life.

The global planting will take place on May 4 and 5. On these two days the world will come together to sow life. “COVID 19 has struck the hearts of all people, and it has been a very difficult process to cope with. What we seek with Healing Trees is to unite at least for one day to find healing and comfort through the planting of trees as a symbol of life and hope,” explained José Zaglul, president of the San Ramón Carbon Neutral Foundation.

In Costa Rica, where Healing Trees was born, the movement exceeds 15,000 planting commitments. This country reports more than 8,200 unfortunate deaths due to COVID 19.

How to join Healing Trees?
1. Go to and fill out our form with your planting commitment for this May 4 and 5.
2. Organize a planting with your loved ones, collaborators, or allies, in which you send a message of hope and honor together the loved ones we lost to COVID 19.
3. You can also spread the word so that more people join Healing Trees.
4. Reserve that space in your schedule and organize the planting. For two days (May 4 and 5), the world will come together to pay tribute to the loved ones we lost. We need you to reach the goal.
5. On May 4th and 5th follow our broadcast of the global sowing, send us photos and videos of the sowing you joined or organized.
6. You can also donate at our website, so that on organization will take care of planting and caring for the tree so that it grows strong in honor of your loved one. For every dollar, this Healing Trees partner, will plant a tree.

About the San Ramon Carbon Neutral Foundation
The San Ramón Carbon Neutral Foundation is a non-profit civil organization that works to improve the quality of life in the canton. Knowing the detriment of the environment and trying to follow up on the promise that Costa Rica had made to be carbon neutral by 2021, the Foundation was born to take concrete actions to achieve this goal. Since its creation, it has highlighted the need for different sectors to become actively involved in achieving carbon neutrality in the country.

The pandemic had a negative influence on the actions to achieve this goal. However, a new one was born in the Foundation: to join forces in the world to alleviate the pain of the deaths caused by COVID 19, through this new initiative called “Healing Trees”, which seeks to send a message of solidarity and hope to all humanity.

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