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Mohan Mahal Founder & CEO of SIDCO Homes Inc.

Home built with Eco Smart Fire Resistant Panels

SIDCO Homes Inc – Fire Resilient Home is on the market to mitigate the Global Warming and Climate Change – Safe for People and the Planet – Experience the home.

Fire in Paradise touched my soul and and raised a question in my mind that there has to be a better way to build homes that will not catch fire when a disaster like this ever happens again.”

— Manmohan (Mohan) Mahal

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CNN host W. Kamau Bell presented a segment on “I’m living in a state that’s on fire“. That state is California. In this segment he talked about the Camp Fire that burnt the City of Paradise to rubles in four hours on Nov 18 2018. I visited the City in December of 2018. l saw rows and rows of streets with nothing but the skeleton of the chimney, not a single homes left on the street. This sight touched my soul and raised a question in my mind that there has to be a better way to build homes that will not catch fire when a disaster like this ever happens again. I begin to think how can we build structures and Homes that will be Fire Resistant that will save lives and protect the property.

Witnessing the outcome of Paradise fire made is clear in my mind that the fuel for the fire was dry lumber in the structures. The dry wood frame of the house was a perfect fuel for the house to go in flames. The ambers would jump from building to building and enter the attic space through the air vents and start the fire in the attics. The environment was perfect for the fire storm with dry weather, high temperatures and ample amount of fuel inside as framing and outside the home was the dry hills and bushes. It was a wind storm that could not be stopped by the Fire Fighters. People rushed from the homes and got into the traffic jams. We lost 85 lives mostly in the homes and others while escaping the town, over 11,000 homes were burned down to ground and we lost nearly 19,000 structures.

My journey to solve this problem of fires started in Australia which was still recovering from a record-breaking wildfires two years ago that killed at least 33 people, destroyed thousands of homes. Here I explored the technology to build Fire Resistant homes by using (GFRG) Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum panels to build structures. I visited a Factory in India but this solution was not practical for the US market. I learned from Steve Marskell about the Magnesium Oxide Panels which could also be used as a Fire Resistant Material.

I was committed to solve the problem, I purchased a lot in Hollister California, got the local Architect Symmetry Design Build to design a SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) structure using Eco Smart Magnesium Oxide Panels. The manufacturer MGO Systems was in Canada and we got our panels shipped to the site in California. I used a Local Contractor DH Construction who hired the Framers team, Electrician, Plumber and Sheetrock workers all locally form the City of Hollister to support the local community.

Today we have a house finished and on the market as the Feds raised the interest rates by 0.75 points in the last week of July 2022. The mortgage rates are now below 5% and may soon go up as the job market is good. Feds may have to control the inflation by rising interest rates again. Come and look at the house at 1039 El Cerro Drive, Hollister, Ca 95023 during this week with your realtor or call Francine Terrell at 408-202-5875

We invite you all to come and experience this beautifully built, energy-efficient home that received a 10/10 Home Energy Score from the US Dept of Energy. Located in a quiet, relaxing community surrounded by the foothills. Innovative home built with fire-resistant Eco-Smart SIPs that create a year-round comfortable living space with exceptional indoor air quality. High ceilings, bright spacious rooms, luxurious master suite with walk-in closet, entertainers kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The house has abundance of storage. Home is all electric without any reliance on fossil fuels. Built with material that is termite, mold, and moisture resistant. Other notable features include double-pane Milgard windows, hybrid water heater, LED lighting, energy-recovery ventilator, water-conserving irrigation and landscaping, superior sound dampening, and state-of-the-art LiFi. Great opportunity to acquire this above-and-beyond home!

Customers wanting to build with SIDCO-ESP panels can reach out to us to by the material here in the Bay Area. SIDCO has a patent on the Eco Smart Panels for Energy Saving issues to Manmohan Mahal on April 20, 2021

CNN host W. Kamau Bell I would like you to elaborate on your story “I am living in a state that is on fire.” that inspired many Entrepreneurs and Builders to build Fire Resistant homes. There are about Half a dozen companies working to resolve the fire challenge. SIDCO Homes Inc has also gone a step further to Mitigate the impact of Global Warming and Climate Change by using no burning gas in the house. The house will be Net Zero when Solar Panels and a Tesla Powerwall is installed by the home buyer. The house is cool because of the thickness of the walls and with air tightness reading of less the 1 ACH50.

Here is the demonstration of the Fire Resistant panel to the mayor of Paradise Steve Crowder. Come, experience and see the home by yourself or with a Realtor since there is a lock box at the house.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in this kind of home that is well build the could be the Tesla of the Homes in the Future. Good Luck go and Experience it by yourself for your family to live in or invest in it for the future. Great Home to work from home since it has LiFi secure connection in the house. SIDCO is building a Passive home coming soon in the near future at 3561 ParK Blvd, Palo Alto California 94036.

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Mohan Mahal showing the Eco Smart Panel used in the Fire Resistant Home.

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