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Electronic Recycling Services

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, May 12, 2022 / — As a CTO, CIO or IT professional, you likely keep tabs on the latest technology and how emerging technology can benefit your company. Could advanced or newer technology encourage more collaboration across team members? Will it help streamline operations or encourage efficiency? Does new technology make working remotely or from home more feasible for your team?

New technology can offer wonderful benefits not only for business operations but for team member satisfaction and retention, as well. However, new technology often creates an additional burden or challenge: how to handle your older IT equipment.

Dealing with old IT equipment can be challenging for several reasons. First, you now have to worry about what to do with the equipment. Do you store it, sell it, donate it, or try to upgrade/upcycle? If you aren’t keeping this equipment, the more important concern surrounds the sensitive or private data housed on your electronic equipment. Fortunately, ITAD companies, like CompuCycle, can work with you through IT asset refurbishing to solve these very problems. At CompuCycle, both the DOD 5220.22-M wiping standard and the NIST 800-88 are practiced for secure data destruction.

IT Asset Refurbishing is the process of upgrading used products to that of a higher quality standard, both aesthetically and functionally. While your organization can take advantage of refurbished electronics to delay purchasing newer equipment, electronics refurbishing centers like CompuCycle can actually resell your equipment to a trusted buyer.

Of course, before the IT refurbishment and remarketing (also known as reselling) process can take place, it is crucial that the refurbished electronics company you partner with properly, safely, and responsibly wipes and destroys the data found within your IT equipment. Once all of your equipment has been completely and irreversibly erased, your products can be refurbished and made ready for resale.

While there are no absolute guarantees surrounding which products can and cannot be refurbished and resold, the most valuable IT assets are often those which are five years or newer; are equipped with i3, i5, or i7 processors; for monitors, are 19 inches or larger; and are from a recognizable and respected technology manufacturer. When it comes to your office equipment, most of your products are refurbishable and resellable, including laptops, desktops,

monitors, hard drives, tablets, network routers, servers, switches, hubs, copiers, racks, shelves, mobile devices, and more. Assuming these products are in good working order (or can be made to be so), a trusted partner like CompuCycle can refurbish and resell only after the pivotal step of securely onsite data destruction.

The Benefits

Boost your bottom line! Utilizing a respected electronics recycling, refurbishing, and remarketing company like CompuCycle means you have access to a wide network of trusted buyers who can make bulk purchases. Large purchases not only mean dollars back in your organization’s bank account, but also less time individually selling one product at a time for your internal team members.

Free up precious time your IT team could be spending on IT maintenance, or, as mentioned above, on finding individual buyers or organizations to buy or take one product at a time.

Free up physical space. Often, IT asset refurbishment accompanies a data decommissioning process as your company takes steps to move into the cloud. Less physical equipment means less clutter and more space for your team members to move around, collaborate, and do their jobs well!

Know that your organization is making a difference environmentally. Asset refurbishment is a wonderful way to ensure electronics are reused instead of tossed out…or worse, sent to landfills.

Lastly, working with a trusted partner like CompuCycle offers peace of mind. CompuCycle takes care of each and every step of the process, from auditing your equipment to providing approximate values, safely and securely erasing private and sensitive data within your equipment, sourcing and securing trusted buyers, selling your equipment, and offering reporting and transparent communication.

The IT Asset refurbishing process can be overwhelming. Or, it can be easy, profitable and, even, enjoyable, with the right partner by your side. Trust the experts, who will help you retain value while also protecting your sensitive data and the environment! Learn more about how CompuCycle can take care of your IT asset refurbishment and ITAD/ITAM needs at or contact a sales representative to begin your responsible recycling journey today at 713-866-8026

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