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Carbon Credit is bigger than Bitcoin, Oil, and Gold”

— Robert Kiyosaki

SHERIDAN, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2022 / — CO2-1-0 (CARBON) CORP. ( is pleased to announce that the company has successfully launched its token, CO2, on April 22nd, 2022, the same day as the Earth Day to support a better sustainable environment by participating in combating global climate change initiatives. i.e. renewable energy projects, energy-saving projects, waste management, forestry projects, and many more.

CO2 has successfully launched on DigiFinex with a weekly volume of more than US$ 25 million and a price range of U$ 0.15 – US$ 0.52/ token. CARBON tokens are currently traded at DigiFinex:

Choky YF Simanjuntak, CEO and Founder of CARBON, stated “We are thrilled and enthusiastic to see the market respond towards our tokens. Despite the low and very volatile price, as a new startup in crypto, a daily trading volume of US$ 3 – 4 million or more than US$ 25 million in a week is a very good market response, an excellent start. We believe Green Investors and Carbonians participation will be more and more in the future”.

Based on Robert Kiyosaki (Personal Financial Book Author #1: Rich Dad Poor Dad) in his discussion with Marin Katusa (The Rise of America) clearly stated that Carbon Credit is bigger than Bitcoin, Oil, and Gold. Carbon Credit is the future of investment. Detail discussion can be found at: and

The above Kiyosaki and Katusa discussion is affirmed by the latest article issued by Credit Suisse on April 8th, 2022 stating that Carbon is an emerging asset class that could potentially rival the global oil market in size. Investor interest in carbon markets is growing rapidly, as carbon offsets can provide a solution to address the environmental friendliness of portfolios from an ESG perspective (article:

Choky added: “Our current price has not represented the true carbon credit value yet, which according to the latest review and analysis should be in the range of US$ 250/ ton CO2equivalent. We will improve market awareness of our CO2 token values. It is in our plan already. It is also giving an excellent opportunity to all green investors and Carbonians to buy our token CO2 on its lowest price/ dip now”.

About CO2-1-0 (CARBON) CORP.

CO2-1-0 (CARBON) CORP. ( is a subsidiary of PHI Group, Inc. (, $PHIL), aims to provide a solution to a disruptive new carbon market (voluntary and compliance market) using blockchain-crypto technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and Six Sigma (6σ) methodology, which will empower the real environmentally sustainable projects (renewable energy, energy savings, heat recovery, industrial waste, agriculture, forestry, and many other new technologies), which projects have started in the USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, other ASEAN countries, and worldwide. It has a clear and systematic product development roadmap and the ultimate milestones of the products. The solution, methodology, and improved TACCC (transparent, accurate, consistent, complete, and comparable) business process originally introduced by CO2-1-0 (CARBON) will bring full impact to better environment and life of millions.

CARBON (CO2) is the most environmentally sustainable crypto on earth, developed under BEP-20 (BSC Mainnet) and has passed the CertiK audit, which is the #1 security audit for blockchain protocols, wallets, DApps, and smart contracts. CO2-1-0 (CARBON) CORP. is based in Wyoming, USA, with a fast-growing community named “Carbonian” all over the world.

CO2 tokens currently traded at DigiFinex:

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Carbon Credit is bigger than Bitcoin, Oil, and Gold

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