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Fieldstream’s development team is exploring ways to enhance their AI-powered Marketing Analyzer using Chromia’s relational blockchain technology.

Fieldstream’s AI models make frequent use of relational databases, making Chromia’s relational blockchain the most logical choice”

— Ebba Theding, CFO ChromaWay

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, February 10, 2023 / — Fieldstream, a Stockholm-based firm, is revolutionizing the advertising sector with its inventive approach to marketing and analytics. With a team of experts in AI, statistics, and media, Fieldstream provides cutting-edge solutions for companies worldwide.

The centerpiece of Fieldstream’s strategy is the Marketing Analyzer, an AI and neuroscan-powered tool that leverages the Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) approach. This tool provides valuable insight to clients, empowering them to make strategic, data-driven choices to maximize the reach and efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

In order to streamline their backend operations and product delivery, Fieldstream is exploring potential uses of Chromia, a public platform built on the ‘relational blockchain’ architecture pioneered by fellow Swedish company ChromaWay AB.

The two companies enjoy a close relationship, with ChromaWay’s CFO Ebba Theding serving as a senior advisor to the marketing startup. In 2022, Fieldstream participated in the Chromia Innovation Lab program, laying the foundation for future integrations between the Marketing Analyzer and Chromia.

“Blockchain is a powerful tool that can enhance Fieldstream’s product offerings and operations. Fieldstream’s AI models make frequent use of relational databases, making Chromia’s relational blockchain the most logical choice. Together, we are considering several possible applications.” says Ebba Theding.

The rapid expansion of the blockchain space coupled with the rising use of machine learning and artificial intelligence across numerous industries is setting the stage for further synergies between the two technologies. With their recent partnership, Fieldstream and Chromia are positioning themselves at the forefront of this emerging trend.

About Chromia:
Chromia is a blockchain platform that provides scalable, secure, and developer-friendly solutions for decentralized applications. Their relational blockchain technology is designed to support high performance, low cost, and ease of use for both developers and end-users. Chromia is committed to driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and is proud to partner with innovative companies like Fieldstream.

About Fieldstream:
Fieldstream is a Stockholm-based marketing agency that is revolutionizing the marketing industry with their innovative approach to data-driven insights. Their Marketing Analyzer tool provides valuable insights into the impact of marketing decisions and helps companies make data-driven decisions. With a team of experts in AI, statistics, advertising, and media, Fieldstream is setting a new standard in marketing strategy and analytics.

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