Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Single Mother in North Carolina Battles to Protect Daughter from Neglect and Abuse

To protect her child, Amanda Stowe, a single mother in North Carolina, has written to Governor Roy Cooper requesting a remedy.

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 / — Amanda Stowe, a single mother in North Carolina, has been fighting a child custody battle in the state’s family court system for three years (​​case number 19 CvD 7960). The courts have violated her constitutional rights on multiple occasions during this time. Stowe initially sought full physical and legal custody of her daughter, which she had had in practice for seven years prior, to make legal decisions on her daughter’s behalf and to receive child support.

Stowe sent written correspondence outlining how her daughter was being neglected and emotionally abused by the other party in the case, only for opposing counsel to have an order signed by the judge two months later that omitted key elements specifically mentioned in Stowe’s correspondence. This order was then used to hold Stowe in contempt and incarcerate her for 30 days. The family court system has been used against her, often not acting in her daughter’s best interest.

Stowe was not given a trial by jury or even a trial in front of the judge who wrote the order. She was instead placed in jail with no bail as a first-time offender with no prior criminal history. She was also ordered to pay nearly $4,000 in attorney fees to the opposing counsel and was told that she could only be released early if she agreed to give up full custody of her daughter.

In addition to violating Stowe’s right to a fair trial, the family court system has also violated her right to equal protection under the law. Stowe has been discriminated against and mistreated due to her status as a pro se litigant, meaning she represents herself in the case. This has resulted in a lack of equal representation and access to the same resources as the opposing party.

Stowe has written a letter to Governor Roy Cooper, requesting a remedy for the restraint on her liberty and the violation of her constitutional rights. She has not yet received a response.

Stowe says, “I call for other parents that have suffered at the hand of the unjust family court system to stand with me. Use the hashtag #CooperPutUpOrShutUp and tell your story on your social media. Tag your congressmen and women, and tag Governor Cooper. I call on any and all investigative reporters to investigate my claims. Look into case number 19 CvD 7960. Any documentation you can’t get from the case file, I have it in my possession and am happy to provide it. Help me make sure that I am not ignored. Help me give a voice to parents and children who have been silenced. Help me ensure that this kind of behavior is not only seen as immoral but illegal.”

It is unacceptable for the family court system in North Carolina to violate the constitutional rights of its citizens, particularly in cases involving child custody. The mistreatment of Amanda Stowe and the neglect of her daughter’s well-being is a clear abuse of power and a failure to uphold the principles of justice. We call on Governor Cooper and the North Carolina Office of the Governor to take immediate action to address this issue and ensure that the rights of all citizens are protected in the state’s family court system.

About Amanda Stowe
Amanda Stowe is a single mother from North Carolina who has been fighting a child custody battle in the state’s family court system for three years. Her constitutional rights as a citizen have been violated during this time. To learn more, visit:

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