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This photo was taken when finishing the documentary filming

This photo was taken during a lively Qingzhu Charity event

Qingzhu (“Green Bamboo”) Calls Attention to the Rights of People With Autism by Promoting the Motto: “Live, Work and Smile with Dignity”

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, April 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — On the 15th annual World Autism Awareness Day, three high school students invested their time into an important task: helping adults with autism. They founded a charitable organization called Qingzhu (Green Bamboo) that calls for awareness to provide equal opportunities for autistic adults to live a dignified life. Jason Zhiheng Jiang, the founder of Qingzhu Charity, says “Bamboo symbolizes the expectations for society – integrating forces from all over the world to emphasize efficient and improved care for adults on the autistic spectrum.”

Since 2020, Qingzhu Charity has been reaching out and making efforts to provide job skills training for older autistic adults, with a significant amount of support from the wider community. Peter Fan Jiahao, the organization’s Executive Director, explained “…in order to make people understand it is possible for adult autistic groups to work with dignity, three of us made a documentary film sharing the process of helping one friend with his job hunt efforts. His name was Desen An, a 35-year old autistic adult, and it was his dream to become a prominent barista”. Desen An successfully received his first formal job offer. The documentary film was directed by Wang Yiqi, also a high school student who made this important first step in calling for awareness about autistic adults. The film will be featured at several film festivals to grow support for developing the dialogue “Live, Work and Smile with Dignity”. Professionals and volunteer teams from California and beyond have been joining the efforts of Qingzhu Charity to build a wider, stronger, and caring community for autistic adults, their families, and friends by adding real-world stories to the dialogue.

Qingzhu Charity plans to grow their organization in the USA by launching “What Jobs Can Be Done” on social media (Facebook and Instagram). This will provide a meaningful way for autistic adults, families, friends, and supporters to share their stories which increases awareness and continues the dialogue. The Executive Director of Qingzhu Charity will share content from several submissions from “What Jobs Can Be Done” during film festival activities in June 2022, as well as through social media channels. The goal is to offer hope and encouragement to the wonderful and hard-working family members who are benefitted through Qingzhu Charity. Please join us in celebrating World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd and support our worthy cause. Search for Qingzhu Charity on Facebook and Instagram, contribute to the ever-growing community of autistic adults and those who care for them, and please remember to share our message with your friends and family.

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Qingzhu Charity Launch – April 2, 2022

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