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Coastal living reduces stress and improves health, research shows.

Real estate developer reports that many choose seaside life for its calming effects

People are discovering that there are deep benefits to coastal living; space, blue skies, open, fresh saltwater air…”

— Glenn La Mattina, COO, NRIA

SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2022 / — National Realty Investment Advisors (NRIA), a leading developer of luxury real estate on the East Coast, announces that many who move to coastal areas experience improved mental health. The New Jersey-based NRIA develops luxury properties on the water in New Jersey and South Florida and finds that many of those who choose to live in these properties believe in the health-boosting properties of the sea. And science backs up their beliefs, NRIA reports.

A recent study of almost 26,000 people found that those who live about half a mile from the beach have better mental health than those who live just 30 miles away. The study concluded that those residing 0.6 miles from the ocean were 22% less likely to have symptoms of a mental health disorder, such as anxiety and depression, compared to those living 31 miles from the coast.

These findings are just one more study in a growing pool of research that shows that people who live along the coasts (areas scientists call blue zones) are more physically active, have better mental health, and have overall lower mortality rates.

Researchers have even discovered that living near the sea is more calming than living near green or woodland areas.

“These findings don’t surprise me,” says Glenn La Mattina, COO of NRIA. “More and more people move to South Florida every year for a less stressful life. And we find that these migrants instinctively understand that a seaside lifestyle is calming.”

NRIA continues to work to meet the housing demands of those who seek to live along the coasts. The Secaucus-based developer will soon begin construction on a redevelopment project in the beach-side community of Fort Myers, Florida. There, NRIA is developing two new 25-story residential towers and one five-story residential building, bringing a total of 352 residential units to the area.

In addition, NRIA will refurbish the adjacent marina, restaurant, hotel, and retail area.

“Investing in seaside communities makes sense for developers and future residents,” says NRIA’s La Mattina. “People are discovering that there are deep benefits to coastal living; space, blue skies, open, fresh saltwater air. Today’s busy lifestyles can easily overwhelm us. But the palm trees and soft breezes that you find along South Florida’s coast? They are a real cure for a lot of what ails us.”

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