Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

50 Million $Hoge in total prizes in the giveaway launched last night! Top token ranked by Cryptolaxy and Hogecoin trending on DEXTools! Top trending by Coinfeeds, with news articles launched on Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Business, and PRNewswire! Finally, donation progress with the top 5 exchange listing, wrapping up with the burn and circulating supply!

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00:27 – 50 Million Hoge Giveaway
00:59 – Top Token By Cryptolaxy
01:40 – $Hoge Trending On DEXTools
01:56 – Top Trending by Coinfeeds
02:24 – Hoge on Yahoo, Bloomberg, PR Newswire
02:55 – Top 5 Exchange Progress
03:28 – Burn + Circulating Supply

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