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Global Launch of Doxy Crypto Ecosystem

KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES, May 24, 2022 / — Dezilink announces the global launch of Doxy Crypto Ecosystem to quench the ever-evolving needs of the cryptocurrency community. Dezilink offers an ecosystem that confluences the passionate needs with the unabridged solutions.

Dezilink takes a giant leap by plugging the gaps in current crypto systems. With the crypto world evolving at a much faster pace than any currency that has ever laid its prints on the globe, the apropos utility of the majority of crypto platforms still remains a tussle. The advent and evolution of multifarious crypto systems has thus spawned a necessity to explore keys into making the best possible utility conventions leading to provide existential meaning to the same. Since necessity is the mother of invention, Dezilink has devised solutions to the aforesaid snags.

Doxy has a strong people centricity. What follows is an array of utility-packed solutions Doxy has brought about:

Doxy Finance: A smart platform that will allow users to manage their assets by buying, selling, exchanging, sending and receiving Doxy Tokens smoothly and instantly.

Doxy Exchange: Doxy Exchange provides all sports-related activities carried out by a user. It will furnish all the sports-related information and community, open platforms, the sports NFT, asset trading platform, and the prediction platform all together. This will be a decentralized, globalized sports blockchain platform deeply embedded in the sports industry ecosystem. The entire ecosystem also has strong technological and resource integration capabilities.

Doxy Token: A BEP-20 token that will be used as a default currency for making transactions on Doxy Finance and Doxy Exchange. Doxy Tokens can be swiftly used to trade in live sports, fantasy games and Doxy FX. The Token can be used to avail numerous services provided by the Doxy ecosystem.

Doxy FX: Doxy is launching a full-fledged Forex Trading Platform for the Doxy Community. It will provide complete trading solution into Forex, Metals, Crypto, and CFD’s. Users will be able to use the Doxy Tokens for deposit and withdrawals as well.

Live and Fantasy Sport: Live Sport is not a new phenomenon. It is one of the most popular entertainment methods. Most of the sports games that are broadcast through any medium can be included in this category with only one requirement of the live feed.

A fantasy sport is a different ball game all together. It’s the evolution in the gaming sphere and is becoming more popular day by day. Doxy Fantasy Sport System is based on highly reliable blockchain technology and hence is decentralized, fraud-proof and 100% transparent. Doxy facilitates both sports as a very viable option for the utility of our Token.

NFT’s: NFT’s are a reliable means to redefine the perspective through which users will interact with the web. In addition, NFT trends also demonstrate their potential impact on buying and selling art or creating and experiencing music. NFT’s will be bought and sold using Doxy Tokens at a fast speed.

Metaverse: The metaverse is a concept of a persistent, online, 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces. You can think of it as a future iteration of the internet. The metaverse will allow users to work, meet, game, and socialize together in these 3D spaces. Doxy is set out to offer Metaverse solutions to its community soon enough.

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About the Founder

Mr. Ally-Fawzi Khan Batchkhan is the founder of Dezilink. Mr Batchkhan is a visionary man with over 2 decades of experience in technology and next level solutions. He is a strong leader, a highflier, and an innovative solution architect. Doxy is Mr. Batchkhan’s yet another brainchild invented to solve the most prominent hitches of the current Crypto systems.

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