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Even the most successful can have a hard time creating large scale positive change. Kerry Jacobson realized that creating local philanthropy is the way to go.

Despite my publication and financial successes, creating a global impact was more challenging than I imagined. Hence I choose to focus locally where I can make a difference.”

— Kerry Jacobson

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2023 / — Publishing world executive Kerry Jacobson took his passions for writing, literature, and publishing to achieve success in his chosen field and in life. He now embarks on a path to further make an impact in people’s lives.

Jacobson has represented over 400 authors to achieve attention and listing on the WSJ, USA Today or NY Times Bestseller lists, making him the most successful book promoter in the world. He’s been a sales director at Time Life where Fortune Magazine produced the single largest issue of that Magazine and was sales manager for the largest issue of Information Week. Anywhere Jacobson has worked he’s increased revenue beyond what it had ever been. One could say Jacobson’s legacy is that he is the best in the world at his chosen profession.

After spending his entire career taking numerous publications to the heights of success, and being at the top of his professional game, Kerry Jacobson had a desire to make an impact that would change the world. On his quest for philanthropy, Jacobson says, “despite my publication and financial successes, creating a global impact was more challenging than I imagined. I choose to focus locally where I can make a difference.”

For example, a chance meeting in a coffee shop changed his vision and his mind. Sitting at the counter was a man with obvious learning challenges. Kerry instinctively felt the need to help, over time the two became friends. That friendship grew, and so did many opportunities for Kerry to help in ways that would not only transform his friend’s life, but also his own.

Kerry’s aha moment is what he refers to as the ‘WTF to OMG’ in his story. Jacobson says, “the root to changing the world is not always in the ‘Capital W World’, but actually doing meaningful work on a smaller, local level and changing the world, ‘small letter world. Impacting one life at a time can make a major impact.”

He’s found life changing opportunities in local settings with intimate one-to-one relationships. Jacobson says this gives him a tremendous sense of fulfillment.

Jacobson found the path that professor Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky discovered in her research; that acts of kindness are an important ingredient to happiness as it helps the receiver and the person bestowing the kindness. Kerry Jacobson is living out the next chapter in his life and continues to give back. Through his success and love of writing, literature and publishing, Jacobson is now giving back by creating an endowment at colleges for young people pursuing a career in writing. This is truly a Literature Legacy.

Jacobson continues his groundbreaking publishing successes. He’s taken his own WTF to OMG moment to help other authors share their life stories to impact the world. Alongside coauthor David M. Corbin, their #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling book, From WTF to OMG with a little LOL: Unpacking Life’s Hidden Lessons, continues to reach publishing heights on WSJ and USA Today Bestseller lists.

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