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2500 Light-years from earth, This is the first NFT to be launched from the Uncharted collection price entry $295

7000 Light-years from earth, Part 2 price TBC

159,800 Light-years from earth, Part 3 price to TBC

2935 Million Light-years from earth, Part 4 the final Chapter

TradFi meets DeFi, The Uncharted Decentralised platform vows to bring all financial services on-chain

Uncharted has been trending over the last few days. The new NFT project, powered by XETACapital Fund, promises to bridge the gap between TradFi and Web3

The utility of The Uncharted was enough for XETA to be a backer. Once the team explained the storyline and various journeys their customers could take, I reserved a space in Chapter 1.”

— Gavin Minty CEO, XETA Capital fund

MAYFAIR , WETSMINSTER , LONDON , December 6, 2022 / — Uncharted has been trending in crypto communities over the last few days and after a meteoric presale, The Uncharted NFTs are now open to the public. The first 4000 users to reserve there cabin on the Luxury Constellation Class Cruiser can get the NFTs for $295 in ETH. If you’re looking for new NFT project to invest in 2023, The Uncharted makes an excellent choice. The first chapter could accrue up to 20% monthly returns, that is, 240% returns annually for three years.

It will be followed by more chapters that introduce diverse income opportunities for NFT holders.

The new NFT project, powered by Xeta Capital Fund (XCF), promises to bridge the gap between TradFi and Web3, bringing lucrative returns to early investors.

Is the project worth the hype? A closer look at Uncharted and how it works should give us the answer.

How Does Uncharted Bring TradFi to Web3?

Uncharted is a collection of 21,000 NFTs that opens up an excellent TradFi income stream for crypto users. A sister project of Xeta Capital, a successful wealth management venture, the NFT collection is underpinned by a highly advanced HFT (High-Frequency Trading) fund. All revenue generated from the sales of the Uncharted NFT collection will be channeled to the XCF fund.

As the fund compounds and grows, a percentage of the monthly profit is distributed back to NFT holders via quarterly airdrops. This way, Uncharted lowers the technical and financial barriers to HFT funds, which have long been accessible to only investors with high initial capital and technical expertise. NFT holders will receive an airdrop quarterly for a three-year period, after which the fund will be split among NFT holders and The Uncharted LTD. With time, the returns are expected to grow as a result of the compounded structure of the funds.

Does that mean you’re stuck with the NFTs for three years? Definitely not the NFTs can be sold on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, in the event of an unexpected market downturn. However, the transfer of the NFTs will also transfer the returns to the new holder.

Utility Underpinned by Traders with 10+ Years Track Record

A multidisciplinary team with more than a decade of experience in trading drives The Uncharted. Their deep expertise adds to the project’s credibility.

For example, Captain Mark Johnson has over 15 years in the global financial markets. He is known for taking many start-ups to IPO listing on NASDAQ and LSE. Chief Intelligence Officer Johnny Seymour, on the other hand, has worked in the Web3, metaverse, cryptocurrency, and the NFT space over the last few years. Andrew Ritchings, the founder of the boutique private consultancy firm Thomas Kelly Holdings Ltd, serves as the first officer of the project. The whole team is public, with their social media profiles linked to the official website.

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The Uncharted AMA 11/19/22 with The chief intelligence officer Jonny Seymour

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