Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Your Monday morning coffee briefing from TFG:

Global trade hits record high of $28.5tn in 2021, but will flatline in 2022, says new UNCTAD report.

E-bills of lading incoming: Future International Trade (FIT) Alliance formed by DCSA, BIMCO, FIATA, ICC, SWIFT.

Standard Chartered Bank executes its first sustainability-linked repo transaction with Turkey’s Denizbank.

The Fed’s next steps: Monetary policy and implications for social stability.

LIBOR cessation and the transition to alternatives in sterling markets.

Trade, climate change, and environmental standards: What’s next?

After two decades of steady growth, are we at a breakthrough moment for factoring in Asia?

The role of ECAs in the global economic recovery and green transition – The view from SACE.

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originally published at Finance - RSV News

This news story originally appeared at Finance - RSV News on 19 August 2022