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Ergosuture CEO, Claude Nogard

Claude Nogard, CEO, Ergosuture

ErgoSuture | Drive’N Roll

ErgoSuture | Drive’N Roll(TM)

CEOCFO interviews CEO Claude C. Nogard on ErgoSuture’s new X-Needle that allows Surgeons to Tie Knots and Manipulate the Needle Safer in the Body

Our roller-based technology is cost-effective, easy to use, and enables suturing tasks only possible by skilled surgeons or robots.”

— Claude C. Nogard

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, US, April 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Claude C. Nogard, CEO & Co-founder of ErgoSuture, a Boston, Massachusetts-based company providing surgical wound closure / suturing devices and accessories.

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“ErgoSuture is a med tech company specializing in surgeons-driven innovations, and our goal is to develop solutions that will enable surgeons to do surgical tasks easier, better, and faster. Our roller-based technology is cost-effective, easy to use, and enables suturing tasks only possible by skilled surgeons or robots,” said Mr. Nogard during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse. Explaining where they are today at ErgoSuture, Mr. Nogard said, “Our product is a class II 510K device. Hence, we are currently engaging with experts and the FDA to define testing and studies requirements ahead of our application, scheduled for 2024.”

Discussing the what differentiates their need product from other needs currently being used by surgeons, Mr. Nogard shared, “This new needle, which we call the “X-Needle”, allows surgeons to manipulate the needle safer in the body and tie knots with much less effort than commercially available needles. This needle differs from current needles because it contains a flexible extension that confers more control during the manipulation without affecting the path of the tip of the needle through tissue. For the Drive’N Roll, we have also modified the geometry of the half-circle part of the needle to allow surgeons to choose the necessary angle to complete the suture.”

As for what they have learned from surgeons, Mr. Nogard told Lynn, “We have learned from them that when you drive a needle using rollers, the slower the increment of the needles moving through the tissue, the more control and the faster they will do the procedure. That translated into less hand movement, minor needle driver’s distal end movement, and faster suturing. There is no movement amplification at the needle driver tips when using the rollers. To date, the only way to achieve such control of the tips is to use a surgical robot.” He continued, “This data has led us to evaluate further surgeons’ cognitive efforts when using the Drive’N Roll compared to the commercially available needle drivers. This finding is one of our clinical studies’ objectives.”

Explaining the surgical procedures their device is designed for, Mr. Nogard said, “The current design targets intra-abdominal, urological and gynecological surgeries. This design also fits novices and average surgeons looking for less strenuous efforts while suturing in hard-to-reach locations. We expect that we will identify other applications post-launch as we collect feedback about the Drive’N Roll.”

Asked what people many miss that is important about ErgoSuture, Mr. Nogard told CEOCFO, “ErgoSuture is a medical device startup that strives to close the surgical care gap through surgeon-driven innovations. In addition, we are trying to solve a bigger problem: how we can improve proficiency in the operating room across multiple applications and surgical platforms. Our goal is to make every surgeon better at what they do to improve outputs for both patients and hospitals.”

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