Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Scene from ‘TULIP’ short film

‘TULIP’ film celebrates National Cryptocurrency Month by highlighting the role of influencers in the Crypto community.

BOSTON, MA, USA, October 27, 2022 / — Filmmaker Gregory Romein celebrates National Cryptocurrency Month by capturing the nuances of a cultural shift in his short film, TULIP. Set in recent times, TULIP magnifies the role influencers play in the cryptocurrency industry by telling the story from the perspective of a fictional cryptocurrency YouTube influencer, Mr. Biz (played by Carlos H. Tejed), who experiences great success followed by a disastrous fall after a crypto crash causes his community to turn on him. A glimpse into the world of cryptocurrency content creators, the film dynamically showcases the influence that crypto YouTubers have in fueling the industry as prominent voices of the digital community…..And the immense scrutiny that comes alongside this role, especially during turbulent times.

In daily life, Mr. Biz is an Uber driver that just made the move to Prague in effort to escape the clutches of his overbearing father. During his evenings, he moonlights as a cryptocurrency YouTuber seeking to buffer and broker new relationships within the crypto community while earning a little extra income. This portrayal is a direct representation of the YouTube creators who have become one of the defacto voices of the digital community today, as day after day creators post recorded videos and livestreams about coins, digital wallets, meme coins and all things blockchain – fueling the bonanza of the crypto craze. The rapid rise of cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon without precedent. From the Genesis block in 2009 created by Satoshi Nakamoto to the rise of NFT’s, which entered the public lexicon last year, the world and its citizens are taking part in the “financial way of the future” and “Stacking Sats” at an adoption rate of 113% per year in terms of users. Romein – writer, producer, and director – aims to explore this societal transformation through a modern-day lens of an influencer who rides the roller coaster of digital currencies into the mainstream – despite the turbulence that comes with this new industry.

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