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NEW YORK, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Momcozy, the best-selling wearable breast pump brand in North America which is endorsed by over two million moms, released its first TV commercial upon the arrival of Mother’s Day as an effort to speak up for moms globally.

In the TV commercial, four real moms are invited to share their unique journeys of motherhood on which they overcome the hardships and struggles and find within themselves the power to become their true selves with true ego. In the commercial, they say “With Momcozy, I feel powerful, comfy and breezy. I can be who I am, do what I want. That’s our cozy power and yours, too.” It’s their firm belief that they should not only be a “Good Mom”, but also be a “Cozy Mom” and a “Cozy Her”.

The TV commercial features four moms of different identities: the working mom who finds herself constantly struggling between childcare and work; the single mom who seldom has the energy to focus on herself; the lesbian mom who is going through the hardships of late pregnancy and the older mom who finds it hard to be understood by the outside world about her life choice.

It’s a sad reality that the society has always perceived moms to be tender, great and nice while the difficulties and plights of motherhood are often overlooked. This phenomenon has contributed to the fact that moms are falsely maintaining the “good mom” image to the outside world. This TV commercial is a bold attempt to shed some light on such oftentimes hidden-in-the-dark moments that are only known to moms.

To Momcozy, it acknowledges all the struggles and hardships that moms are going through. It never perceives moms as a hero or god; rather, they are recognized as live individuals with their own wills and needs. That’s why Momcozy is always respectful to whatever choices moms make and accompanies them through highs and lows in a faithful manner.

The launch of this TV commercial is truly a glorious manifestation of Momcozy’s unwavering determination to always put moms first. It calls up for moms to be a “cozy mom” who thinks with her own values, live at her own pace, and carry on in her own path.

In the past, Momcozy has always been paying attention to moms’ state of being and is committed to raising societal awareness to support and empower moms by leveraging its brand influence.

  • Since 2021, Momcozy has been taking an active part in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week by sponsoring products and spreading its brand philosophy to support breastfeeding moms.
  • In December of 2022, Momcozy launched New Year’s Kiss for Moms campaign to call for the care of moms as they work through the exhausting nature of motherhood.
  • In February of 2023, Momcozy initiated Parachute Care Program by inviting real moms to share those “lonely unseen stories” which massively helped raise people’s awareness on moms’ daily yet often ignored pains.

Positioning itself as the best companion for moms globally through pregnancy and early motherhood, Momcozy will continue to speak up for moms, support them and keep them company in the future.

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Momcozy, the renowned maternity and baby brand endorsed by over two million moms globally, has always put moms on top. Through cozy designs born from love and continuous innovation, Momcozy brings a much simpler, more relaxed, and more comfortable experience for moms globally through their pregnancy and early motherhood.

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