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Oskar Freysinger will discuss Waterman, A Sandy Tale, Virtually from the rugged Swiss Alps

Freysinger's latest book, Waterman, A Sandy Tale, takes place in the vast arid heat of the Tenere'  desert.

Oskar Freysinger writes from the snowy deserts, silent woods, and deep cliffs of the Swiss Alps.

Oskar Freysinger has penned numerous books in French and German. Waterman (Resource Publications,) is the author's first novel in English.

Waterman, by Oskar Freysinger is Published by Resource Publications, Eugene, Oregon.

Author Oskar Freysinger to Virtually Discuss His Desert Novel, Waterman, A Sandy Tale, from His Home in the Rugged Swiss Alps

I spent my life surrounded by dense social networks. That way, I got lost to myself. Now I’ve learned to live in extreme nature, the snowy “deserts” of the Swiss Alps, and I’ve found my soul again.”

— Oskar Freysinger

SION, DU VALAIS, SWITZERLAND, November 15, 2022 / — Book clubs and literary fans are invited to meet author and composer Oskar Freysinger virtually from his home in the canton du Valais, a remote region of the Swiss Alps. To attend the virtual events, registration on Eventbrite is free.

Freysinger will discuss his book Waterman, A Sandy Tale (Resource Publications, an Imprint of Wipf and Stock, Eugene, Oregon.) The 121-page-novel chronicles two unlikely friends and the quest for water in the harshest, hottest place on earth, the Sahara’s Tenere Desert.

“Waterman shows readers how to regain their lost contact with the One, the origin and the end of life, the spirit that links us to a hidden dimension, who speaks to us out of every tree, stone, cloud, river, or animal,” says Freysinger.

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Registered guests will receive a zoom link and password. The author will also briefly discuss his forthcoming book, Svalbard, a novel that traces the life of Pierrot (Pierre-Yves Héritier), a 40-year-old who was born deaf and mute, has Asperger’s syndrome and will soon be completely blind. “Pierrot becomes a great voyager before sinking into darkness. He creates a parallel world to live in before the last link to the outer world is broken. His courageous heart refuses to falter and submit to his terrible fate,” explains Freysinger who met with Héritier and his family.

“On the wings of dreams, he will escape the harshness of the outer world and climb into the skies of infinity,” says Freysinger, who communicated frequently with Pierrot using supersized fonts via email.

Waterman is Freysinger’s first novel translated into English. “I spent all my life surrounded by dense social networks. That way, I got lost to myself. Now that I’ve learned to live in the silence and the loneliness of extreme nature [the snowy “deserts” of the Swiss Alps], I’ve found my soul again through the contact with the emptiness of wide snowfields, silent woods, and deep cliffs,” observes Freysinger.

Waterman is available from Wipf and Stock at on Amazon at or at Barnes & Noble at

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About Oskar Freysinger: Previously a high school teacher and politician, Freysinger is a writer, poet, and songwriter who lives in a remote canton of the Swiss Alps. He is the author of numerous novels, short stories, and poems written in French and German. Freysinger has also composed two musicals and written the lyrics for the album America, performed by Paul-Mac Bonvin, a noted Swiss folk singer. The newly released book is the author’s first novel written in English.



“From the beginning to end, Waterman captivates the reader with unanticipated twists and turns that echo the cadences of the masters–Saint-Exupéry, Camus, and Orwell. Part adventure thriller, part philosophical treatise, and–not least–part romance, this book, set in the Saharan sands of North Africa, offers a path through the desert of our times that quenches the thirst for both hope and love.”

– MARIE HOFFMAN, author of Toward Mutual Recognition: Relational Psychoanalysis and the Christian Narrative,

“In this lovely novel, Oskar Freysinger captures and perpetuates the renowned literary tradition of French writers like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Romain Gary, or Joseph Kessel. Like them, he leads us into the eternal fight of humans trying to survive their hostile surroundings without betraying their soul.”


“Waterman is Freysinger’s telling of the timeless story of the human being’s indefatigable quest to create and sustain civilization even in the apparent emptiness of the most arid of deserts. In exquisite poetical language, Freysinger leads us into an extraordinary literary journey which will forever inhabit the reader’s memory.”

– PASCAL VANDENBERGHE, Chairman and CEO, Payot Libraire


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An Introduction to Oskar Freysinger From a Remote Region of the Swiss Alps

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