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SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Today, UK-based global animation studio, HaZimation, is proud to announce that they will share a first look at their latest game, Max Beyond, at the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Max Beyond is the spin off game adaptation of HaZimation’s hit movie RIFT, which received recognition and praise from several film festivals, including being an official selection at the British Urban Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and the SPARK Animation Festival. This high-concept game delves into the intricacies of human relationships in a sci-fi action setting involving time and multiple dimensions, making it a must-play for animation and science fiction enthusiasts alike.

Max Beyond is a third-person action-adventure game with elements of stealth, shooter action and tactical gameplay layered with a cinematic story bursting with twists and turns. You play as Leon, a former Marine unknowingly jumping through multiple universes to break out his adopted little brother Max from a secret lab fortress known as Axion where he is held captive as the subject of life-threatening scientific experimentation.

Max has the special ability to harness power from the universe by distorting the fabric of time and space, and that is why he is a patient at Axion. Your mission is to do whatever it takes to keep Max alive in each reality in order to bring balance to the universe. If you fail – Max dies. If Max dies, the universe will shatter into chaos.

The USP of this game lies in its overall game mechanic where the player also simultaneously controls Max, via smart commands and can utilize his powers, but must use them wisely; Max gets weaker the more that his abilities are tapped by the player. The game is created in Epic’s Unreal Engine 5.

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About HaZimation

Established in 2017, HaZimation is a global production studio focused on developing and producing innovative TV series, feature films and video games. Founded by filmmaker Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull and producer Paula Crickard, the studio is a leading creator and producer known for content that elevates the art of animation with state-of-the-art technology, top talent and incorporation of the metaverse. HaZ is known for his work on the Disney Channel’s FAST LAYNE (2019), whilst Paula is known for post-production on THE PROTEGE (2021), JOLT (2021). HaZimation works with artists and global partners to produce innovative content through a proprietary production pipeline incorporating Unreal Engine. The studio is known for its work on RIFT (2022), The MUTANT YEAR ZERO sizzle trailer (2020), 2036 ORIGIN UNKNOWN (2018) and THE BEYOND (2018). HaZimation is currently producing the animated feature film, MUTANT YEAR ZERO and developing the video game spin-off to RIFT called MAX BEYOND. Other games in active development include the neon-soaked side-scroller shooter SYNCROMANIA and the open-world MMO-style game XLANTIS.

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