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ZXEREX Safe™ is a revolutionary software application founded in neuroscience that detects workplace impairment

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, US, April 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Impairment due to increasing drug use is of major concern for employers. According to the Wall Street Journal on 3/30/22, “overall, the proportion of U.S. workers who tested positive for the various drugs Quest [Diagnostics] screened for in 2021 rose to 4.6%, the highest level since 2001…. more than 31% higher than the low of 3.5% a decade ago.”

Marijuana is a drug that remains in the body long after its effect on the brain is long gone. Random drug tests detect the presence of a drug but do nothing to determine if an employee is impaired at the time. That’s why many companies no longer test for Marijuana since urine testing only reports on the presence of a drug.

Being Impaired is a main contributor to workplace injuries, absenteeism, and productivity loss, there is a need to detect impairment. That is why ZXEREX Safe™ was developed. ZXEREX Safe™ is a software application that is founded in neuroscience and is nicely positioned to address increasing rates of drug use and workplace impairment. It uses artificial intelligence to enable employers to screen employees, especially those with high-risk jobs, and to safeguard a brand, those with close customer contact. The technology was invented at Arizona State University (ranked No. 1 for Innovation by U.S. News & World Report) and Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been validated at leading medical centers in human studies leading to the world’s first oculomotor biosignature of Marijuana intoxication.

Anticipating the impact of the opioid epidemic, ZXEREX scientists are developing an opioid biosignature. Soon to be validated in additional field trials, the company plan to add general opioid screening to the ZXEREX Safe™ platform. Meanwhile, the growing use of recreational Marijuana increases the risk of loss and warrants immediate attention.

ZXEREX screening takes only two minutes and can be used as often as desired. This patented science-based technology provides an immediate indicator of impairment for use by safety and HR personnel. The ability to detect impairment at any time also serves as a deterrent to employees showing up impaired or becoming impaired on the job.

This screening meets the needs of all employers, including companies with a zero-tolerance drug policy that has led to the firing of highly skilled workers found to have positive urine tests who were actually not impaired or intoxicated at the time.

According to Andrew Freedman of Forbes Tate, former Marijuana Czar of the State of Colorado, and a public policy advisor to ZXEREX, “What so impressed me with ZXEREX compared to other companies was that they had the rare combination of scientific rigor and go-to-market When combined with an employer’s workplace safety program, ZXEREX Safe™ can help to reduce workplace injuries, casualty losses, and absenteeism, while increasing productivity.

ZXEREX is here to help employers to create a safe, “impairment-free workplace” that recognizes the need to respect the employee, support retention, and enhance recruitment.

Please call or visit our website to learn more about ZXEREX Safe™ and to learn how you can join us in an impairment-free workplace.

For more information, visit ZXEREX CORPORATION website at http://www.zxerex.com.

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