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BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / — In recent years, green ammonia, as a type of decarbonization energy, is being gradually paid attention to worldwide. It is made with hydrogen that comes from water electrolysis powered by renewable energy combined with the nitrogen. Since the hydrogen used to produce ammonia and the power used to produce ammonia are both green, then the ammonia is called “Green Ammonia”. From another perspective, green ammonia is the development and extension of the green hydrogen industry.

Green ammonia, as a completely pollution-free renewable energy source, has been a concern by many application sectors. The most important of these is in the field of transportation. Many shipping companies hope to use green ammonia to replace fossil energy, thereby reducing pollution to realize environmental protection and decarbonization. On December 20, 2021, China Shipping Trading Corporation and JS & Co Video signed a cooperation project for four 93,000 cubic-meter super-large green ammonia carriers. Wärtsilä and the innovation arm of Norwegian shipping group Grieg Star are also collaborating on a joint project to launch an ammonia-fuelled tanker by 2024.

Green ammonia has progressively expanded its influence in the renewable energy market. Many enterprises consider it as the next project target after green hydrogen. To obtain high-purity hydrogen for the preparation of green ammonia, excellent hydrogen production equipment is necessary. Angstrom Advanced Inc., as a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, has been committed to R&D and technological development of the hydrogen industry for years. It’s the first company worldwide that can fully, directly, and efficiently convert unstable renewable energy into hydrogen. Angstrom’s commercialized large-scale 2.5MW single stack alkaline electrolyzer. adopts unique modular design and patented technology ensures lower energy consumption, higher purity, larger capacity, and optimized intelligence and integration compared with traditional hydrogen production equipment/system, also ensuring the products can work in a variety of harsh and unstable environments.

Nowadays, green ammonia and green hydrogen are increasingly occupying important positions in the global renewable energy market. They have great potentials to replace fossil energy in the near future and will contribute to global carbon neutrality.

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