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A fleet makeover starts with by-the-minute data from on-board telematics, discerning highway from stop-and-go driving, and leaving managers confident

Having better analytics and better visibility into what kind of reduction you’re getting with EVs is going to be crucially important to organizations across the board in mitigating carbon emissions.”

— Meghan Weinman, Managing Director, Transportation Electrification

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leading global energy advisory Edison Energy has partnered with Sawatch Labs to help corporate fleet owners save money and achieve Net Zero goals quicker, as they choose which vehicles to switch from gasoline and diesel to electric power.

Companies with fleets from 10 vehicles to tens of thousands can benefit from a new level of detail in telematics data, thanks to Sawatch’s minute-by-minute analysis. The ultra-granular data will help Edison Energy clients better budget, track, and time their conversion to EVs.

Sawatch Labs, a Denver- based firm dedicated to fleet electrification and optimization analytics, has helped a broad spectrum of clients–from small towns to Fortune 50 companies–identify electric vehicle replacement strategies. Additionally, Sawatch currently supports Xcel Energy’s Fleet Electrification Advisory Program and the U.S. Department of Energy’s EVWATTS program, and has partnered with Verizon Connect.

“We can make feasibility assessments and charging decisions easier as you work to meet an organization’s carbon and financial goals, while ensuring drivers’ needs are met,” said Meghan Weinman, Managing Director, Transportation Electrification at Edison Energy.

Sawatch and Edison recently worked together for one of the largest private-sector fleets in the country, on a program that will result in multiple millions in fleet savings. Weinman said they are making their partnership official to provide a seamless experience for clients with any size fleet who want to make sure they are optimizing their investments in EVs.

Matthew Helm, CEO and Founder of Sawatch Labs, explained the partnership: “At Sawatch, we’re able to do a deep dive on real-time data and help clients optimize decision making on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. Edison then provides a much broader analysis and can incorporate our results into a sustainability strategy and charging infrastructure implementation in order to meet transportation goals. They really take the client from simple vehicle recommendations to the ins and outs of an action plan. That’s a wonderful part of what we are now offering together.”

“The implications for carbon reduction are far-reaching,” said Weinman. “When you convert your fleet to EVs, you go from Scope 1, direct gasoline emissions, to Scope 2, electricity consumption. What many organizations want to do, and what we can do with Sawatch, is to be able to track the amount of reduction that you’re seeing between those two sources of carbon. Having better analytics, better visibility, and a better idea of what kind of reduction you’re getting is going to be crucially important to organizations across the board in mitigating carbon emissions.”

Transportation accounted for 27% of carbon emissions in 2020–the most of any sector. With commutes to in-person workplaces increasing after pandemic shutdowns, it will remain an important way for companies to reduce emissions. More than 2.5 million EVs have been sold in the U.S. since 2010, their exponential growth fed by record-high gasoline prices and SEC’s proposed requirement that companies disclose their carbon footprint.

“Electricity prices are stable,” said Weinman, “Meanwhile, gas prices remain wildly variable. As companies like GM and Ford commit to a fully electric future, now is a great time for companies to plan and analyze so they can get their purchasing aligned and make the necessary preparations.”

Sawatch Labs and Edison Energy will both be attending the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo and Conference this May 9-12 in Long Beach, California.


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