Mon. May 16th, 2022

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 / — Hydrogen energy is an abundant, green, low-carbon, and widely used secondary energy, which is of great significance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. At present, countries worldwide are vigorously promoting the utilization rate of hydrogen, in the field of industrial, chemical, transportation, utility and power, etc.

Hydrogen refueling station is the essential infrastructure for FCVs, however, the traditional station has problems such as occupying large space and high construction cost. Meanwhile, the current uncompleted laws, regulations, and permitting procedures make it impossible to popularize on a large scale base. Therefore, renewable energy enterprises worldwide are trying to improve hydrogen station design, hoping to promote its distribution by reducing the footprint and investment costs.

The emergence of Angstrom 500/day containerized hydrogen refueling station conforms to the development of the Times and solves the above issues. The containerized station occupies a much smaller footprint, saving land resources and initial investing cost; modular design and pre-installation, saving installation and transportation cost; intelligent control with high integration, saving operation and maintenance costs. Moreover, the system adopts unique patented water electrolysis technology, ensures lower energy consumption, higher purity, and larger capacity making it possible to work under harsh and unstable conditions. It consists of a hydrogen pressurization system, refueling system, safety control system, and hydrogen storage. All inside systems are fully automatic controlled and designed in strict accordance with standards. The system uses 20000PSIG pressure grade components. Safety measures include forced ventilation fans, hydrogen leakage detectors, ROR detectors, hydrogen flame detectors, etc.

The successful development of the 500 per day containerized hydrogen refueling station is a technological breakthrough based on the long development experience of hydrogen industry and the mature knowledge of hydrogen station construction. It will help better promote the popularization of fuel cell vehicle, improve the utilization of hydrogen energy rate, and accelerates the global energy structural transformation.

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